What Sets Us Apart


  • Across the country, we serve over 900 agencies of every size and type.
  • Our software arrives ready to serve any type of human service agency and can be configured to meet your agency’s unique needs.
  • Our software fulfills the needs at the front-line and the administrative level.
  • Our proprietary FormBuilders™ and ReportBuilders™ enable users to create any forms and assessments needed of them, in minutes.
  • The average time spent to implement our software is four months.


  • All the functionality needed to run your agency is offered under the same price; there is no limit to the number of programs you have or clients you serve.
  • We offer one of the lowest rates on the market for a software of our caliber.
  • Our secure, cloud-based model eliminates the need for additional hardware beyond computers with internet capability.
  • All software updates are managed behind the scenes, for no additional fee.
  • Foothold clients save up to 98% of time generating reports and billing.

Client Support

  • We come from the human services sector, so we understand the needs of agencies like yours.
  • From day one, you get a team of experts supporting you, led by a seasoned Senior Project Manager who is assigned to you for life.
  • Your team includes a dedicated Implementation Consultant to get your agency up and running swiftly and efficiently.
  • Your implementation includes classroom-style training in Foothold’s training facility or at a site of your choosing.
  • Our Quality Assurance team ensures that help is always just a click away.
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