Our Mission

At Foothold Technology, we believe that all human beings deserve to live with dignity and equal opportunity despite any challenges they face.

We share our passion for technology with human service organizations that work to improve people’s lives. Our goal is to create a working environment in which our clients are liberated from the constraints of information management, and are free to focus on their mission.

Our AWARDS software for human service providers eases the burden of record-keeping on these providers and offers flexible, sophisticated reporting tools to strengthen an agency’s operations on every level.

Freedom To Focus On Your Mission

Freedom To Focus On Your MissionFoothold Technology is a company dedicated to transforming the way human service organizations operate. We will behave in accordance with the belief that we exist to empower our clients, and are committed to acting with integrity, responsibility, and a profound respect for the work they do.

We take security and compliance very seriously.
The future
of care requires interoperability.
We spend more time,
effort and energy on client support than anything else.
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