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Electronic Health Record for Substance Use Disorder Providers

As leading substance abuse treatment plan software for human services agencies, the scope of AWARDS is deep and wide, with the ability to track and manage data related to virtually all services supporting people with behavioral health concerns.

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Substance Abuse EHR Features

  • Create program-specific assessment tools and reports with our proprietary FormBuilder tool.
  • Keep track of client lab results with our toxicology records module or our E-labs integration.
  • Document services for all kinds of substance use programs: Long-Term Residential, Short-Term Residential, Individual Counseling, and Group Counseling programs.
  • Configure service plans to track your program’s specific requirements, while directly linking services documentation with related treatment goals. 
  • Medical module equipped with E-Prescribing, medication administration, e-MAR, immunizations, diet, hospitalizations, vital signs, and more
  • Built-in, configurable billing manages Medicaid, State Waiver, Third-Party, Direct Contract billing. 
  • Tracks basic demographics, emergency contacts, guardianship info, service providers, entitlements, consents.
General Features

Our software has been developed to meet the complex needs of any substance use treatment program. 

  • Standardization of agency data collection & charting procedures
  • More staff accountability through reporting, audit trails & reminders
  • Easier access to your data, accessible from any location at the agency
  • Increased efficiency allowing staff more time to provide supports & services
  • Easy audits available through AWARDS’ robust reporting functionality
  • Real-time collaboration across multi-site organizations
  • Standard workflow for all agency employees
  • Safe, secure & HIPAA compliant data storage
  • An EHR package certified for Meaningful Use
  • Seamless integration between clinical data and electronic billing
  • Web-based cloud technology, eliminating hardware & infrastructure maintenance costs

For all substance abuse agencies looking to bill directly for the services they provide, we offer BillingBuilder™, our Build-Your-Own Billing module that allows users to configure billing files for dozens of payers in addition to the direct link to Medicaid and Medicare already built into the software. Your agency’s clinical and programmatic data will flow seamlessly from the AWARDS electronic chart into the proper structure in the billing module. From there, you can use the module to create claims to be paid.

With BillingBuilder™, AWARDS establishes a more direct relationship between program services and billing activities. Because both fiscal and program service staff rely on a single system for billing-related information, there are fewer opportunities for errors in communication, and less time and energy is expended on reporting of this information.

Furthermore, your Foothold support team will work with you to address the inevitable changes in regulations, ensuring your agency’s continued compliance. Results for your agency include more internal control and greater transparency in the billing process as well as increased success with audits.

Customer Support

You could have the greatest software in the world, but if you don’t have people to train you and answer your questions, you won’t get what you need from it. With origins and roots in human services, no software vendor is better prepared to support you than Foothold Technology. When you choose AWARDS, you get more than software–you get a whole system of help that is always just a call or a click away.

Your Senior Customer Success Manager (CSM)

From Day 1, you get a team of seasoned experts led by a Senior Customer Success Manager (CSM) dedicated to you for the life of our work together. Your CSM will serve as your single point of contact to:

  • Coordinate all your implementation and training activities.
  • Offer expertise from a combined 60+ years of experience working with agencies like yours.
  • Work with you to think through your agency’s growth and challenges.

Your Implementation Consultant (IC)

The average length of an AWARDS implementation is four months. To get your team up and running, you’ll work with an Implementation Consultant (IC) as well as your CSM. Your IC will:

  • Learn, evaluate, and understand the programs, policies, and goals of your agency.
  • Walk you through all the functionality of AWARDS.
  • Configure the software to reflect your agency’s unique needs.
  • Assist you in developing a training and roll-out plan.
  • Prepare you to meet your desired milestones.

Your Training and Support

Our “Train-the-Trainer” model will give you onsite expertise of AWARDS and help minimize the problems caused by staff turnover.

  • Classroom-style training in Foothold’s training facility or at a site of your choosing.
  • Extensive online Help library with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.
  • FootholdConnect series of free, ongoing trainings offered via web conference.
  • A Quality Assurance team (also known as Help Desk) to provide technical support.

AWARDS is interoperable with any Health Information Exchange (HIE). If your organization is using AWARDS to manage the data related to the services you provide, you have the tools to participate in any Health Information Exchange without duplicate data entry.AWARDS will serve as a single portal to send data in any format required, safely and securely.


We take the responsibility of safeguarding the electronic protected health information (ePHI) data in our care very seriously. In fact, we have recorded one of the highest scores ever seen when our security measures were tested against the standards of HIPAA and the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.

You can be sure that your agency’s data, and the sensitive information on the individuals you serve, is secure with Foothold. Security isn’t just something we care about, it’s woven into every aspect of our operations.


To ensure compliance with federal and local requirements, updates to AWARDS are performed behind the scenes, while our Client Services team communicates with you about how these changes might affect your workflow. Because Foothold grew out of human service agencies, we can be proactive about preparing our clients for upcoming changes in technology and the industry. AWARDS is HIPAA-compliant, is federally certified as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Meaningful Use and offers full interoperability with any other federally certified system for participation in Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and RHIOs.

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The SUD Community & Foothold Technology

Case Studies

Learn how agencies across the US use our substance abuse software to improve their operations for the benefit of their staff and those they serve.

camelot counseling staten island

Camelot Counseling of Staten Island

Year Founded: 1976
Location: New York
Clients Served: Over 1,200 Annually
Annual Operating Budget: $7 million
Using AWARDS Since: 2011

The Situation: The Limitations of Paper Records

Since 1971, Camelot Counseling, in Staten Island in New York City, has been working with individuals and families to address the adverse effects of alcoholism and substance use. Over the years, Camelot has expanded its programs, streamlined operations and found more effective ways to support staff and the community it serves. One transformative change was the decision by leadership to move from a paper-based documentation process to an electronic one.

The Solution: A Person-Centered EHR for Behavioral Health

Switching to an electronic record isn’t just a change, it’s an organizational transformation. “Adapting to the ever-changing environment has been a priority for us as an agency, which was why we came to the decision to go paperless,” explains Logan Lewis, Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance.

As part of the process at Camelot, Mr. Lewis spent time meeting with all levels of staff within the agency to assess workflows and address concerns. “Our counselors expressed some concern that clients might feel that they weren’t the primary focus during client meetings if a computer was involved, so we came up with a change in our workflow where clients summarize their session takeaways and the client and counselor type up the next steps together.”

This new approach has led to more holistic service delivery while maintaining a person-centered approach. The hours previously spent on updating paper charts within multiple binders is now time spent working directly with individuals to address recovery goals and provide support.

The Result: A Perfect Audit

All told, it took about one year to standardize all forms, develop and launch new workflows, and train sta before the agency completely phased out paper charts.

“The upfront work takes commitment and top level support, but it was well worth the eort,” says Mr. Lewis. “Shortly after implementing AWARDS across all our programs, we received a perfect score on an audit!”


Those who use AWARDS understand the impact the right substance abuse EHR software can have on performance and outcomes. Hear from some of our clients how AWARDS has helped their agency.

Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada

Camelot Counseling of Staten Island, New York

Our Community of Substance Use Disorder Providers

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