The Foothold Implementation Process Nets $22,000 for Agency

Every AWARDS implementation is supported by members of the Foothold Client Services Team — typically a Senior Customer Success Manager and an Implementation Consultant. We often get a request from newly implemented clients that goes something like this: “We’re loving the impact that the AWARDS system has had on the quality of our data collection, but we feel we could be using the database in more ways—and while you’re at it, can you help us look over our data and data entry processes and make sure we’re doing the right thing.”

This request most recently came in from one of our newest client agencies—Goodwill of NY/NJ—a very large multi-site, multi-service agency. Goodwill had recently launched a Personalized Recovery Oriented Service program (PROS) and was using AWARDS to track the intensive documentation required by the state funder. They were also using the AWARDS billing component- -The BillingBuilder—a comprehensive billing tool that seamlessly generates Medicaid claims for patients served.

We started the review process by sitting down together—program staff from the agency and the Foothold project manager and implementation consultant—and identifying very specific improvements that could be made in the data entry process. One thing that became apparent very quickly, is that Goodwill staff were excellent users of the AWARDS system—and yet were still absolutely committed to seeing how they could improve and open to suggestions.  With this can-do attitude as a foundation, we were able to very quickly dig into the database and find a few data entry errors, some processes that simply needed tightening up and some new suggestions for process improvement moving forward.

One result of this ‘data and process ‘ review exercise was a huge quick win—a recoupment of Medicaid reimbursements  to the tune of over $22,000! Not bad for one morning’s (intensive) work.

To quote Jenna Tine, Head of Behavioral Health at Goodwill, “I have nothing but positive things to say about AWARDS and the staff at Foothold. This is not a simple program to run and I don’t know how we would do it without AWARDS and the support we receive from the staff.  The money we recouped was a team effort between us and Foothold staff!

All in a day’s work!