Foothold’s Customer – First Approach to Strategic Partnerships

At Foothold, we recognize the importance of harnessing strategic partnerships to deliver exceptional value to our customers. Collaboration is not just a buzzword for us; it’s the cornerstone of our customer-centric strategy. By aligning with industry leaders who share our vision of innovation, excellence, and customer-centricity, we navigate this complex landscape with a guiding principle: putting customers first.

The recent implementation of New York’s 1115 Waiver (the NYHER Waiver) marks a historic shift in the state’s human services landscape. This waiver opens the door to innovative partnerships, particularly for Social Care Networks (SCNs), setting the stage for unprecedented integration and coordination in care delivery. This shift is a call to action. It challenges us to think beyond traditional boundaries and embrace a partnership model that is as agile and inclusive as the needs we aim to meet. 

Foothold’s partnership approach is driven to deliver the highest value to our customers. In practice, this means embracing a partner-agnostic strategy that prioritizes the needs and outcomes of our clients above all else. Whether integrating seamless technology solutions, streamlining services or bridging gaps in workflows, our collaboration with industry leaders is defined by a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. Our partnerships ensure that we can provide tailored, flexible solutions that support the unique challenges SCNs face. We recognize that every organization has its pain points and operational hurdles, and our goal is to tailor solutions that directly tackle these issues through our strategic partnerships. 

Our dedication to being partner-agnostic is at the core of our mission—empowering agencies to concentrate on their goals to enhance individuals’ lives. This strategy, grounded in our dedication to putting customers first, leads us to collaborate with a diverse range of industry experts—from integration partners and ancillary service providers to consulting firms and data interoperability experts. Together, we are dedicated to empowering SCNs to excel within a constantly evolving environment, delivering bespoke solutions designed to meet their unique needs with precision and efficiency.