Stories from the Field: Park Center’s E-Signatures

Twenty years ago, the dream of a paperless chart was still just that—something to hope for as we lugged big bundles of client charts from desks to filing cabinets and back. Over the past two decades, AWARDS users have been logging in and lugging less, and sales of filing cabinets are steadily plummeting. Now, we’re happy to report that with the expansion of our Electronic Signatures functionality, we are one step closer to realizing that dream.

Electronic Signatures are now available for service plans as well as progress notes, and it is now possible to capture the signatures of staff and clients on both, via signature pads or designated PIN numbers. Recently we heard from Park Center in Tennessee, one of the first agencies in the Foothold community to roll out Electronic Signatures in their quest to go paperless. “It’s had a HUGE positive impact on the entire organization,” says Dani Lieberman, Quality Assurance Director. “We have staff who easily spend 2-3 hours a week making copies and filing…they will get all of that time back to put into working with clients.”

Increased efficiency, a reduction in the cost of filing cabinets alone, what’s next—online audits? We can continue to dream.