Say NO! to Double Data Entry

Looking for a better way to share the reports you’re creating in AWARDS? Look no further. The AWARDS ExportBuilder harnesses the power of our ReportBuilder functionality and takes it a step further to help you meet your regulatory reporting and data sharing needs.

Each ExportBuilder is a wizard attached to a corresponding ReportBuilder built into every module in AWARDS. Deployed in January 2013, this enhancement was designed to empower staff to pull only the data they want to share, and then package the data correctly and securely for its destination. Outcomes measuring, program performance reports, progress notes reports, HMIS reports–you name it. Users choose from a variety of formats required by Health Homes and other Health Information Exchange initiatives, eliminating the need for many to do double data entry. 

Mended Reeds in Ohio is among the first of our provider agencies to use the ExportBuilder. Says Ed Carpenter, the agency’s data administrator, “The great reporting and form-building options are the main reasons I chose [AWARDS]. As enhancements continue to make AWARDS better, I know we made the right choice.”

A few adjustments to your settings will activate the ExportBuilder. Of course, your Senior Customer Success Manager is available to help guide this process. For more information about the ExportBuilder or any other AWARDS features, contact us.