The Road to Expo 2017: Ten Years in The Making

The day to day operations at Foothold Technology might look routine – our sales team is busy recruiting new clients, our marketing team makes sure our brand is out there, our training team is spread across the country (world, even) ensuring the users know how to use the software, our Client Services Division (CSD) team is busy configuring the software to the specifications of each client, our app devs are building new and exciting functionality, our Quality Assurance team is answering your Help Desk questions, and our bug fixers are working hard to make sure any unexpected bugs are fixed quickly and efficiently.

But once a year, we gather everyone for a day of networking, collaborating, sharing, and learning. As we approach this year’s annual Expo, (our tenth one!) we wanted to share the history of the Expo with all of you. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Foothold Technology that our clients never see.

The Expo began in 2008 as a user’s conference with about 150 attendees. Since then, as Foothold Technology has grown, so has the Expo. The current Expo is an all-day event held at NYU. Attendees hear from leaders in the field, like Brene Brown, Rischi Manchanda, and Daniel Kish, plus members of the Foothold team and fellow AWARDS users from across the country. It’s a great opportunity to hear from our founders, and for AWARDS users to attend sessions designed to be both interactive and informative – giving our customers the opportunity to learn about new functionality like PlanBuilder, discuss important trends like care coordination and Interoperability, and for some of our newer customers, how an agency can train its team year round.

Our users, partners, and vendors get to spend the day with Foothold staff, interacting, collaborating and sharing knowledge. We mix business and pleasure – there are sessions for everyone, and at the end of the day we hand out some prizes and enjoy some good quality networking time. Everyone leaves the Expo having gained insight into Foothold, ideas on how to use AWARDS even more effectively and use data from AWARDS to inform agency operations, and having had an opportunity to connect with, and learn from, their colleagues. For us, it’s an opportunity to see our users and partners face to face and strengthen our relationships with those we serve. If you aren’t able to attend Expo this year, be sure to follow along on social media using hashtag #FTExpo17 and check out our blog later this summer for highlights of this year’s event.