Inside AWARDS | ResourceTracker – The Magic Module

For most of our customers, the functionality of the various modules in AWARDS is readily apparent. But our Operations module in AWARDS has a feature within it allowing our customers to track essentially anything and everything. Called the ResourceTracker, this feature can be used to track physical items, information, events, or all three!

The ResourceTracker is a helpful feature that can be used to support many areas of an agency’s operations. For example, some of our customers use it as a resource to track fire drills. They label fields to track the location of the drill, time of the drill, whether equipment was checked, and document any details about the success or follow up needed post-drill. If you talk to three different AWARDS customers using ResourceTracker for fire drills, you may find they have labeled their fields three different ways, but in all cases the result is the same: all fire drills conducted at the agency are documented and recorded in the ResourceTracker. If an agency needs to run a report on these drills, it can do so easily.

Other customers use ResourceTracker as a way to ask questions internally, and keep a record of the answers so they can be seen by other staff members. When used this way, the ResourceTracker becomes a repository for frequently asked questions. Yet another Foothold customer uses the ResourceTracker as a Benefits Tracker. Because all aspects of AWARDS are HIPAA compliant, case workers can use the functionality of the ResourceTracker to communicate with a benefits coordinator and notify him or her about clients needing assistance applying for benefits. This agency has configured the module in such a way that, other than the benefits administrator, employees can only see and track the records they themselves have entered.

Are you an agency wanting to track physical objects? ResourceTracker can be used as a Vehicle Tracker, a Computer Tracker, or as a tool to track any type of physical assets. Once an agency has decided how to use ResourceTracker(s), it can take advantage of this flexible and powerful tool that is included at no additional cost as part of an agency’s AWARDS license. Ask us to help you investigate how this “magic” module can track something for your agency!