PROS Made Painless

Converting to PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services) can be challenging.  Programs used to minimal documentation requirements are suddenly faced with daunting data collection and reporting requirements to ensure programmatic funding continues. Evidence to-date, however, has shown that the human benefits outweigh the initial difficulties. A recent NYAPRS News Bulletin provided excerpts from interviews with clients at PROS programs, and the common theme tying them all together was a sense of hope about their recovery.

Has your agency thought about converting to PROS, but felt overwhelmed by the rigorous documentation and billing requirements? Fear not – Foothold Technology and AWARDS can guide you through this process with fewer headaches. Here’s how:

  • AWARDS PROS functionality allows for screening and tracking all individuals receiving services in any of the PROS components- CRS, IR, ORS, and optional clinical treatment.
  • The PROS Monthly Summary Record of Services Report quickly and easily calculates accumulated PROS units.
  • Auditing tools are available to help identify missing data, thereby ensuring programs can bill for the highest rate possible.
  • Our built-in billing functionality allows you to generate claim files directly from AWARDS and know the appropriate clinical back-up documentation is already in place.
  • Custom training sessions provide staff with all the tips and tricks needed for successfully using the AWARDS PROS functionality.
  • Personalized implementation assistance from Foothold’s Client Services Division ensures the data tracking and reporting component of your PROS rollout is as smooth as possible.
  • Networking opportunities with the dozen other agencies using AWARDS for their PROS programs offer you a wealth of resources.

Contact your Client Services Division representative today to begin using AWARDS for PROS, and see for yourself how beneficial this new program model can be for the people you work so hard to serve.