Foothold Technology Pledges 1% of Profits to Community Organizations

We are thrilled to announce Foothold Technology is pledging one percent of our profits each year to support vital human services advocacy organizations. In 2023 we fulfilled this commitment by donating 1% of our profits to Ramapo for Children and Families in Transition. Read on to learn more about these important organizations.

Partnering with Families in Transition to Combat Homelessness

Through our Pledge 1% partnership with Families in Transition the organization will gain the opportunity to allocate funds towards a variety of crucial programs and services. These may include initiatives focused on providing permanent, transitional, and emergency housing solutions. It may also include essential support services such as food assistance and substance use counseling.

As a non-profit organization deeply committed to the mission of combatting homelessness, Families in Transition uses personalized strategies to address both individual needs and the complex underlying causes of homelessness. When collaborating with clients, they deliver a range of essential services aimed at empowering individuals and families on their journeys towards stability and self-sufficiency.

Every effort is made by Families in Transition to ensure that each individual served is treated with dignity and respect, and that their unique aspirations are supported every step of the way. By advocating for comprehensive support systems, they strive to create an environment where all people have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

By joining forces with Families in Transition, we can contribute to their tireless efforts to create positive change and provide hope for individuals and families facing homelessness in our community.

Sending Youth to Summer Camp With Ramapo for Children

Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with the Ramapo for Children team to explore the anticipated impact of our donation pledge on the community. Ramapo is dedicated to fostering inclusive environments where young individuals grappling with challenging behaviors, cognitive disabilities, or other differences are not left on the margins within their educational institutions, programs, families, or communities. We are honored to support their efforts.

Ramapo for Children provides a multifaceted framework of strategies and techniques designed to support continuous growth and foster successful learning environments for all. Their organization is committed to providing individuals with a fresh perspective on challenging behaviors while equipping them with effective techniques and tools. By mastering these approaches, they can adeptly meet the diverse needs of children, thus cultivating nurturing environments conducive to the success of every child.

Ramapo for Children discussed valuable insights with us about the enriching summer camp experiences they provide to their community. They shared how heartwarming it was to witness individuals from various backgrounds come together to participate in something truly special. We are proud to partner with them to support this effort.

Visit the Families in Transition and Ramapo for Children websites to learn more about these incredible organizations.

More About Foothold Technology’s Commitment to Pledge One Percent

Pledge 1% is a movement that emphasizes the importance of corporate philanthropy, urging organizations to allocate one percent of their profits, products, time, or equity as charitable donations to worthy causes. This commitment reflects a growing trend in businesses to give back to the community and make a positive impact on society.

Here at Foothold Technology, we consider it a privilege to be part of this initiative where we support organizations which align with our values and contribute to the betterment of society. Through our participation in the Pledge One Percent movement, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility and to inspire others to join us in making a difference.