Our New Website: Building a Website with UPQODE

Since launching our original website, we’ve come a long way as a company. With updated features, new team members, and a growing community of clients, we knew it was time to refresh our website for 2020. In this past year alone, we became a B Corp and laid out our company’s core value proposition. After everything that’s changed in 2020, we wanted a website with a completely new look and feel, enabling us to fully capture the spirit of Foothold Technology and the work that we are so passionate about. 

In choosing a partner to help us rebuild our website, we looked for a team with a track record for beautiful design, great UX, and efficient project management. But most importantly, we wanted an agency that understood our software and the intricacies of our industry — who could help us build a website that celebrates the crucial work of human services agencies and our role in providing the technology to manage those services. 

We chose to partner with UPQODE, a web design and development company based out of Nashville. While Foothold has always had a strong voice as a company, UPQODE worked with us to interpret that voice into a brand aesthetic and illustrations that fully told our story. After meeting with us to discuss our existing brand and our marketing goals, they helped us fully redefine our brand guidelines. By helping us explore new illustration styles and update our use of color, we were able to modernize the look of our brand while still staying true to our origins. We’ve carried this aesthetic over to our videos, content, emails, and more.

Throughout the project, UPQODE collaborated with us to roll out content pages, re-organize our blog, build animations, and structure the website for optimal SEO. By meeting with us every single week and utilizing modern project management tools, they effectively helped us move the project forward quickly, while also ensuring a level of attention to detail that speaks volumes to their quality as an agency partner. 

We are so proud of our new website, which now reflects our fun company culture and our dedication to our customers and the human services industry. To learn more about Foothold Technology and see some of our favorite new website pages, check out: