Making Connected Care Even More Accessible: The MedAllies HISP Connection

What would it mean to those you serve if you had all the information you need to make faster, more informed decisions about their healthcare needs? For Foothold Technology customers using our Interoperability Center — a component of AWARDS, our Electronic Health Record (EHR) for human service agencies — this type of connected care and collaboration has become a new reality.

What if using an Interoperability Connection in AWARDS to safely and securely send client information was as easy as using email or the Messages module already integrated in AWARDS? We’re excited to announce a new type of interoperability connection in AWARDS called a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) connection offered through our partner MedAllies. Unlike some interoperability connections which have a regional focus, like Health Homes and RHIOS, the HISP is available in all fifty states and allows communication with any other provider that has a Direct address. HISPs are just like email service providers like Gmail, meaning if you have a Direct address you can send to anyone else with a Direct address. MedAllies also has an extensive directory, meaning that all you’ll need to know is the name of the provider and you’ll have the ability to send a record.

We think this connection will enable a number of new use cases and means that your agency can ditch your fax machine for sending a client’s health record to a hospital or other healthcare provider. You’ll be able to reserve both a permission controlled, shared agency inbox as well as individual addresses for your providers.

If you’re already part of the Foothold community and you’d like to learn more about this new capability, contact your Client Services Division representative. If you aren’t using an EHR with this type of forward thinking, take a look at our Interoperability Resource Center and contact us today! With connected care, everybody wins.