Keep Better Track of Families in AWARDS

One of the challenges service providers face is how to keep track of a client’s household as the client progresses through a program (or multiple programs). At Foothold we’re continually looking for ways to improve AWARDS and user experience. So we’re excited to announce the rollout of our latest project, our new and improved Family/Household features, set to deploy on February 15, 2012.

This deployment enhances the ability of an agency to track data related to households whose members may also be receiving services themselves. Several components of the project are the direct result of agency requests.

Improvements include:

  • Enhanced historical tracking of household records
  • The ability to discharge the primary client while household members remain in the program
  • A cleaner, tabbed Household form
  • Separation of program records and household records
  • An expanded Relationship selection list
  • Streamlined data entry processes
  • A new Household ReportBuilder.

As always, these enhancements become available upon deployment to all our clients at no additional charge. To communicate the changes in more detail, we’re also conducting a series of free webinars for all agencies through the month of January. Check out the FootholdConnect section of our website to sign up!  If you’re an AWARDS user and you’d like more information about Family Functionality, visit AWARDS Online Help, contact the Help Desk or attend one of our Family Functionality webinars.