Hungry for Summer: Project Renewal Sandwich Friday

Despite the inconsistent weather we’ve been having, we are gearing up for summer and one of our favorite summertime traditions: Sandwich Friday. As we prepare for the arrival of interns and warmer weather, our thoughts are on one of our special Sandwich Friday treats from last year. The yummy fare was a Grilled Chicken Greek Sandwich from Comfort Foods Catering. Oh how we chowed down on this lovely combination of marinated grilled chicken, olive tapenade, sliced feta cheese, and lemon aioli on an artisanal sourdough baguette.

Adding to our enjoyment of this sandwich was the fact that Comfort Foods Catering happens to be operated by one of our clients, Project Renewal, a supportive housing agency in NYC. The company is an extension of Project Renewal’s Culinary Arts Training Program, one of their many innovations designed to empower men and women struggling with homelessness, addiction, mental health, and other chronic health issues by providing them skills and tools for independent living. It was nice to find another way to connect with our community and pursue our sampling of the best sandwiches out there. What will this summer hold? Stay tuned…it’s not summer at Foothold Technology without Sandwich Friday.