Foothold Technology’s Summer Internship Program

The first hints of warm weather are always an exciting time. For most people, warmer days mean outdoor activities, storing away those down coats and winter boots, or even early trips to the beach. Here at Foothold Technology, however, the changing seasons means two things: Sandwich Fridays and, of course, summer interns to procure said sandwiches.

Foothold founders Marlowe Greenberg and Nick Scharlatt, both Vassar alum, originally started the Foothold Technology Summer Internship Program as a way to give back to the Vassar community by providing current Vassar students the chance to work in a corporate environment. The program quickly took off and now the interns play a crucial role in both the culture and prosperity of the company (and I’m not just talking about gathering NYC’s best sandwiches).

Each summer the intern(s) are given a wide range of projects that are catered to their particular skill set, especially in the preparation of Foothold Technology’s Annual Expo, which takes place mere weeks after the intern begins his/her 10 week summer stint. Responsibilities can range from calling clients to graphic design to simple data entry, but each project is integral to Foothold’s day-to-day operations. One intern who was majoring in computer science was even able to spend some time coding and put together her very own container app for AWARDS!

At the end of the day, the biggest reason we hire these interns is because it gives the next generation an in-depth look into the workings of a company. Whether these students end up in health care, computer science, the arts, or even at Foothold (yes, we have one former intern who is still with us five years later), Foothold is proud to be a part of their professional foundation.