Foothold Technology Is A Ryan White Services Report (RSR)-Ready Vendor

In 2011, Archcare contracted with Foothold Technology to use AWARDS for its case management tracking needs. After a successful implementation, the agency decided to streamline its workflow even further by moving Ryan White reporting (RSR) into AWARDS as well. All funded grantees and providers of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services are required to submit an online RSR data report each year, and Archcare needed to find a way to produce the report from AWARDS. Working with a Senior Customer Success Manager at Foothold, and using a combination of tools like FormBuilder, ReportBuilder and the ExportBuilder, Archcare was able to create an XML file for the Ryan White RSR submission to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The XML file was successfully submitted and accepted by HRSA.

As a result, in March 2014, Foothold Technology reached out to the TARGET Center (Technical Assistance Resources, Guidance, Education & Training), to pursue Ryan White RSR Vendor Readiness designation. The TARGET Center is funded by HHS, HRSA, HIV/AIDS Bureau under a cooperative agreement with the University of California, and provides guidance to clinicians, case managers, consumers, grantees and vendors in the Ryan White community. Using guidance from the TARGET Center, Foothold produced the necessary test files and all supporting documentation and reports needed for successful RSR reporting. In April 2014, Foothold Technology became a Ryan White Services Report ready vendor, which means agencies using AWARDS to track Ryan White services have even greater confidence in submitting required annual RSR reports. In fact, for agencies providing Ryan White Services, the entire workflow within AWARDS is designed to make the process of creating RSR reporting as simple and seamless as possible.

Foothold’s work to stay ahead of the curve for agencies providing Ryan White services is ongoing. For example, there were some significant reporting changes made for the 2014 reporting year, to both the report contents and the XML file needed for the RSR report. Foothold Technology was one of the first RSR-Ready vendors to have those changes implemented and will continue to monitor future RSR requirements. Foothold also provides the same types of services for HUD HMIS updates, state reporting changes and more. Foothold wants agencies to have the freedom to focus on its mission and provide support and services to people who need it most, while Foothold focuses on providing the software to support that work. Do you provide services with Ryan White funding? We can help.