The Foothold Family’s 10-Year Club

by Melissa Seymour, Director of Quality Assurance.

We often remark around the office that Foothold is like a family, small and tightly knit. We care about each other, and more than that, we care about what we–collectively and individually–are capable of doing for our clients. Being so fully invested in a company, its ideas, and its mission is a powerful thing. Perhaps that’s why we at Foothold stick around for as long as we do, and why each year sees the addition of a few more members in our remarkable 10-Year Club.

As its name suggests, the 10-Year Club is comprised of those of us who have been a part of the Foothold family for 10 or more years. This longevity allows us to act as uniquely qualified resources for our peers and clients, and we’re happy to share our experience and knowledge.

And just like a family’s oldest members, we in the club have a unique perspective on the evolution of our company and understand that its success comes from nurturing a culture of caring that flows in both directions, not just outward. So whether we’re working with a new co-worker or a veteran in their own right, a new client or one that’s been with us as long as we can remember, we’re as eager to learn as we are to teach. This spirit of cooperation is part of what makes Foothold so great, and is a key factor in why the 10-Year Club is certain to keep growing.