Foothold Announces New Partnership with NJAMHAA

Mercerville, NJ – NJAMHAA (New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies) is delighted to announce that it has entered into a new partnership with Foothold Technology to offer Foothold’s AWARDS software as a choice for members interested in implementing an electronic health records solution. AWARDS is an integrated case management and client tracking software package that all human service organizations can utilize.

The AWARDS application is comprised of three main components used for data management: General Information, Chart Records, and Administration. Each component contains several related modules that are used to perform various executive, fiscal, operational, and/or program services tasks. However, when you sign up with Foothold, you receive full functionality within the system.

The modules, features, and uses of the AWARDS application may vary from agency to agency as Foothold Technology offers a version of AWARDS configured to each organization’s specific needs. AWARDS is a vastly detailed application with thousands of data-tracking options, and Foothold recognizes that not all information that flows through the system is needed by all nonprofit organizations. Therefore, customized reports can be created, data fields can be added or subtracted, and screens can be modified for each customer.

Regardless of the modules and features in customized versions of AWARDS, the application’s components are integrated in a way that allows for the organization of many pieces of complex information into an understandable whole. Users are provided with detailed views of specific information, as well as full picture views of how that information fits together.

Foothold is already working with more than 200 provider organizations throughout the state with their homeless programs and is excited to work with NJAMHAA to show members the full functionality available within the AWARDS electronic chart.

Foothold Technology is committed to working with NJAMHAA to make software even more affordable and will provide NJAMHAA members with a 10 percent discount on certain purchase and implementation costs.

Interested members may contact us directly for more information about this exciting offer.

Please be on the look out for soon to be released details regarding webinars, demonstrations and implementation meetings about AWARDS.