Built By Human Services For Human Services

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

After working outside of the social work field for a short time, I wanted to get back to my roots but not in a direct service capacity. I joined the Foothold Technology team and it’s been a great opportunity for me to work behind the scenes to support social workers. I have found that staff at Foothold Technology have created a culture that seems to parallel the social work values I learned on the front lines of the human services sector. For example, service, integrity and the value of human relationships are apparent in all areas of our work. We like to think this also includes how we provide our help desk services, our training, how we plan for and organize our annual Expo events, our improvement projects, not to mention how we interact with our clients and each other.

In large part, this is due to the fact that we were once walking in your shoes. If you glance at the bios of the Foothold Technology team, you’ll see that the majority of staff have education, work experience, or have volunteered in the human services field at some point in the not so distant past. Like me, many of my colleagues have been where you are now — serving communities, supporting clients, and knowing what it’s like to give clients our all, only to then have to turn around and document all the details. Foothold Technology itself was born out of a human services agency and designed to support providers to do their best work with ease and efficiency.

Whether you are new to working with an electronic records system or you have experience working with a few, once you partner with Foothold Technology, staff work with you to create an environment in which you are liberated from the constraints of information management and are free to focus on your mission. After all, part of the reason we share our passion for technology with human services organizations is to ensure those organizations have the tools and best practices they need to improve people’s lives.