Think Tank | Around the US with Three Simple A’s

12 months…11 states…19 presentations…talk about the rock star lifestyle! This year, Foothold Senior Advisor (and former Director of Rehabilitation Services at the New York State Office of Mental Health) David Bucciferro went on tour with his presentation, “The Three A’s of a Successful Agency: Accountability, Accessibility, Affordability.” The session offered specific strategies for using metrics to help agencies operate more efficiently and economically while improving their quality of care.

Below are some fun facts about David’s journey:

  • David spoke at conferences in every corner of the country, including: Arizona, New York, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas, California, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Georgia.
  • These conferences were hosted by a wide variety of associations of many different service types from all around the US. See below for a full list.
  • Foothold clients co-presented with David at a number of his sessions, including representatives from PalladiaAurora Family Services, MHA Essex, Community AccessGoodwill of Greater NY & NJRehabilitation Support Services, and Advocacy & Protective Services, Inc.
  • David addressed a wide variety of populations, including those in the fields of Substance Abuse, Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health, and Youth & Family Services…to name a few.

While it may seem ambitious for a family man from upstate New York to bounce around to every corner of the US in a matter of months, he learned something new at each stop along the way, giving him the ability to speak directly to each audience’s needs.

Stay tuned for what looks to be an even busier year in 2014 with some fresh content to discuss!

Full list of associations with conferences that invited David to present: