Foothold’s Path to Partnership: Preparing SCNs for the 1115 Waiver Deadline

The New York 1115 Waiver states that Social Care Networks (SCNs) must set up a Data and IT platform with the required functionality by October 1st and complete a technology assessment for Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

Foothold Technology is committed to supporting SCNs and CBOs by seamlessly navigating these requirements to drive mission-critical outcomes through thoughtful, data-driven care coordination. Our commitment:

Empowering SCNs and CBOs through the 1115 Waiver

  1. Foothold is Purpose Built for NY 

Serving 60% of New York Health Homes has given us a deep understanding of supporting complex care networks. This experience is directly transferable to SCNs. 

The Foothold Care Management (FCM) platform meets the nuanced needs and stipulations required of SCNs, focusing on the specific requirements outlined in the waiver.

The Request for Application (RFA) requires SCNs to be responsible for the following:

  • Social Care Service Navigation
  • CBO Network development
  • CBO Capacity building
  • Fiscal Management
  • Data and technology
  • Performance management 
  • Operations and governance

Leveraging our Health Home expertise for data-driven, compassionate care, FCM enhances every aspect of SCN operations, from screening to referrals to service delivery and billing, embodying our commitment to bringing whole-person care to New York.

  1. Customer First Partnerships

Foothold’s partnership approach aims to deliver the highest value to our customers. We embrace a partner-agnostic strategy that prioritizes the needs and outcomes of our clients above all else. 

We’ve aligned with organizations that share our vision for a collaborative, efficient Social Care Network that is dedicated to working shoulder-to-shoulder to provide tailored solutions. 

Together, we’re building an ecosystem that supports SCNs in delivering comprehensive care that makes a difference.

  1. Seamless Integrations for Comprehensive Care:

In alignment with the requirements for SCNs to bi-directionally share data with entities like CBOs, MCOs, healthcare providers, and NYS, Foothold Technology’s platform is specifically engineered for this purpose.

Our technology not only meets but surpasses these mandates by facilitating comprehensive, interconnected care delivery. This design ensures SCNs can seamlessly integrate with key partners, including RHIOs and MCOs, to enhance care coordination and achieve operational excellence from the outset.

This readiness means:

  • Effortless Connectivity: Our platforms facilitate smooth data sharing among all care stakeholders, ensuring everyone involved in care delivery is aligned and informed.
  • Prepared for Impact: With existing integrations and an understanding of healthcare’s complexities, we’re not just ready for the deadline; we’re ready to enhance care delivery from day one.

Empowering Your Social Care Network: Tailored Solutions for a Stronger Future

At Foothold Technology, our approach begins with an in-depth analysis of your organization’s capacity, ensuring your network’s foundation is as robust as your vision. We work with you hand in hand to tailor support that aligns perfectly with your needs—considering your time, budget, and objectives. Our unified solutions empower both SCN and CBO end-users, ensuring resources are optimized effectively.

Together, we will bring New York top-tier, evidence-based social care. 

Connect with us today to understand how our Foothold can support your SCN journey.