Notes from the National Council Conference

by Marlowe Greenberg, CEO. Recently I was invited to speak at the National Council for Behavioral Health Conference in a session entitled, “On the Road to Interoperability.” Joining me on the panel were Michael Blady of The Bridge, a multi-service agency and longtime Foothold client; Irene Koch of the Health Information Exchange organization Healthix, and Paula Fries of the Clubhouse of Suffolk. The discussion was moderated by the National Council’s own Michael Lardieri.

It was an honor to have the opportunity to talk about the work we’ve been doing around interoperability and health data exchange over the past few years. The goal of our discussion was to offer an overview of what interoperability is and explain how the capability of exchanging data between all the providers involved in a patient’s care will revolutionize the practice of caring for people in recovery. The turnout was surprisingly high, considering we were scheduled between Mariel Hemingway’s book signing and a keynote speech by Hillary Clinton!

This vision of patient-centered care is becoming a reality, and it’s very exciting to be involved from the ground up, identifying and anticipating all the issues inherent in a changing landscape. As software developers with a mission to empower human services, we consider it our responsibility and privilege to provide the tools that will help future-proof care providers and position them for success with the most agile and affordable system out there.

About Foothold Technology

Foothold Technology offers web-based software for human service providers that lifts the burden of documentation, providing the freedom to focus on their mission. More than 850 agencies nationwide count on Foothold’s AWARDS to manage their services, including Mental Health, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Developmental Disabilities, Homeless & Housing, Employment & Training, Youth & Family, and more. Having originated from three agencies in 2000, AWARDS is a complete Electronic Health Record that also supports administrative activities, including facilities maintenance, human resources, scheduling and alerts, audit reports, and automated billing. AWARDS is fully interoperable with other federally certified systems and is the only record-keeping system that is certified as both a Behavioral Health EHR and a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). For more information, visit