Looking Forward to the Impact Prize, Looking Back At Some Client Success Stories

by Jeremiah Dameron, Foothold Technology
June 20, 2017

As part of our 2017 Impact Prize nomination process, the Foothold team has been reviewing submissions and stories from many of our provider agencies across the nation–stories describing how agencies are using AWARDS in impactful ways and inspirational individuals making a difference within their own communities. This year’s winners will be announced at our 10th Annual Expo on June 22nd, 2017, and our excitement is building with each passing day!

Reading all the nominations has us thinking about customers who have shared some amazing stories with us over the last few years and stories we’ve shared on our blog. Take the New Jersey Users Group for example. Did you see this story of success? Michele Meyer from JSDD, Courtney Fichera from the Arc of Essex County, Allison Sanchez from JESPY House, and Jessica Goldsmith-Barzilay from the Family Resource Network, represent four Foothold Technology clients. Together, these women brought together 18 New Jersey providers to create a cross-agency Implementation team that partnered with Foothold Technology to ensure AWARDS was meeting the needs of the NJDD world?. As a result of their work together, and their use of AWARDS, this close group of New Jersey agencies has participated in early pilot groups, strengthened service delivery and has experienced new success with billing in New Jersey. You can read more about this group here and you can view Michele’s thoughts about AWARDS here.

Another favorite story involves seven Nevada agencies who came together to implement AWARDS to streamline their workflows and meet funder requirements. When Bridge Counseling Associates, Bristlecone Family Resources, New Frontier Treatment Center, Quest Counseling and Consulting, Ridge House, Rural Nevada Counseling, and Step 2 decided to collaborate in new ways to fast-track implementation and share lessons learned, each agency gained a solution that meets their individual agency needs and has resulted in a stronger community in which to collaborate. Thanks in large part to Foothold Technology’s longtime client Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada (CCC), a trend that started to bubble to the surface in 2015 led to greater efficiency, new ways to share success and stronger relationships across the state. You can read the full story here.

And how about the work of our customers in the Bay Area of California? We continue to be impressed by agencies like Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, the Bill Wilson Center, and Kidango who are using AWARDS to document the ways they create impact in their communities and elevate the ways in which they offer support. You can see what we mean by reading this blog from early 2016.

What new stories will we hear this year? Who are our 2017 Impact Prize winners? Stay tuned for our announcement following the 2017 Expo.

About Foothold Technology
Foothold Technology, an electronic record, EHR vendor and human services software provider, offers web-based software for human service providers that eases the burden of documentation, providing agencies with the freedom to focus on their Mission. More than 1,000 agencies nationwide count on Foothold’s AWARDS software to manage their services, including Mental Health, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Homeless & Housing, Employment & Training, Seniors, Veterans, Youth & Family, and more. Having originated from three agencies in 2000, AWARDS is a complete electronic record and EHR software for human service providers that also supports administrative activities, including facilities maintenance, human resources, scheduling and alerts, audit reports, and automated billing. AWARDS offers full interoperability with any other federally certified system for participation in Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and RHIOs. It is also the only record-keeping system that is certified as both a Behavioral Health EHR software system and an HMIS software package (Homeless Management Information System). With roots and origins in human services, no software vendor is better prepared to support you than Foothold Technology. For more information, visit footholdtechnology.com.