Declaring Freedom in Pennsylvania

by Jeremiah Dameron, Foothold Technology
May 2, 2017

When I think of Pennsylvania, I’m back in elementary school conjuring images of William Penn and his peace-promoting Quakers, the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross, and Hershey’s chocolate. I also think about the Declaration of Independence and the decision-making process to do something powerful and new. A declaration of freedom and desire to grow, if you will. Over the last several months, the use of AWARDS, Foothold Technology’s web-based software for human service agencies, has also grown and more agencies are finding new forms of freedom in the way they support the communities they serve.

I started off by describing some of Pennsylvania’s familiar history, but the state is also known for cutting edge ideas, especially when it comes to embracing technology. After all, Pennsylvania is the first state in the nation to list its website URL on a license plate. In 1946, Philadelphia became home to the first computer and KDKA radio in Pittsburgh produced the first commercial radio broadcast.* Maybe that’s why Threshold Rehabilitation Services, one of Foothold Technology’s newest customers in the Keystone state, is making a leap from its home grown system of record-keeping to a more robust, powerful method of documentation with AWARDS. Threshold Rehabilitation Services provides behavioral health services to the Reading, PA area and supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Berks County. Seeking more efficiency in the agency’s operations and more flexibility with using its data, Threshold Rehabilitation Services is now part of the growing Foothold Technology community creating better outcomes by using data in AWARDS.

Pennsylvania is also a source of creativity and community. Famous artists born in Pennsylvania include, among many others, Alexander Calder, painter Mary Cassatt, and Andy Warhol. We’re big fans of the creativity on display through the work of Foothold Technology customer, Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force (PATF). PATF provides counseling, testing and case management services in western PA. Using social media, technology, and outreach, the agency is using creativity to help educate and raise awareness about HIV and AIDS through it’s “Find it. Treat it. Beat it.” campaign. Take a look for yourself.

And there’s certainly no lack of inspiration when it comes to Hand in Hand Christian Counseling. This new addition to the Foothold community, provides mental health services to families and adults across the state. If you’re a fan of inspirational quotes, memes and thoughts, the agency posts an Inspirational Recovery Tip of the Week on its homepage and operates an online Recovery Art gift shop.

If you’re seeking a vendor who can support your cutting-edge programming and give you the freedom from documentation burdens that you seek, we invite you to connect with our team and learn how we support agencies just like you.

*Fun facts about Pennsylvania courtesy of