Cleveland Rocks!

by Jeremiah Dameron, Foothold Technology
May 4, 2017

According to local legend, in the early 1950’s DJ Alan Freed coined the phrase “Rock and Roll” on his Cleveland, Ohio radio station. Annually since the mid-80’s, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, also based in Cleveland, has welcomed a new class of inductees. Around this time last year, we welcomed four more Ohio agencies to the Foothold Community. Today, we’re proud to induct two additional Ohio agencies, both of whom provide services in and around Cleveland.

Our first, Safely Home, is an agency providing a variety of mental health services, mostly focused on its residential treatment facility for young men in the greater Cleveland area. Like a strong choir, staff at the agency work as one team to support the agency’s mission “to help each child cope with his past, as well as help him develop life skills, behaviors and strategies which will enable him to be successful in life and able to maintain rewarding relationships with others in his future.”

Our second inductee, Front Steps, is also implementing AWARDS to support its mission and document the behavioral health and supportive housing services it provides to individuals and families in the Cleveland area. Working diligently to transform lives and end the cycle of homelessness, Front Steps is helping clients find and implement new beginnings. We applaud the stories of success they share in this five minute video.

Like many agencies across the country, we know Ohio providers are preparing for change and we stand ready to support them today and beyond. With partners like OACCA and more providers joining the Foothold Technology community each month, we’re glad the adoption of AWARDS across the Midwest continues to crescendo! Who’s our next inductee? As we go to press, we’re welcoming our newest client TASC of Southeast Ohio. TASC provides substance abuse and addiction treatment services, as well as incarceration reentry services.

Are you ready to join our merry band? Connect with us today and get ready to perform like never before.

About Foothold Technology
Foothold Technology, an electronic record, EHR vendor and human services software provider, offers web-based software for human service providers that eases the burden of documentation, providing agencies with the freedom to focus on their Mission. More than 1,000 agencies nationwide count on Foothold’s AWARDS software to manage their services, including Mental Health, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Homeless & Housing, Employment & Training, Seniors, Veterans, Youth & Family, and more. Having originated from three agencies in 2000, AWARDS is a complete electronic record and EHR software for human service providers that also supports administrative activities, including facilities maintenance, human resources, scheduling and alerts, audit reports, and automated billing. AWARDS offers full interoperability with any other federally certified system for participation in Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and RHIOs. It is also the only record-keeping system that is certified as both a Behavioral Health EHR software system and an HMIS software package (Homeless Management Information System). With roots and origins in human services, no software vendor is better prepared to support you than Foothold Technology. For more information, visit