AWARDS Featured at the International Clubhouse Seminar

by Laura Marshall, Senior Project Manager.  This past October, I had the pleasure of chairing a workshop at the 17th Annual Clubhouse International Seminar held in St Louis. The session offered strategies for using data and metrics to help Clubhouses operate more efficiently and achieve long-term goals. Joining me were Andrew Schonebaum of Fountain House and Gregory Gallo of Venture House—two agencies that have been using AWARDS software for a decade or more.

The session was a lively one, with the panelists presenting on the value and necessity of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) in today’s healthcare marketplace. They each described how they have integrated AWARDS into the service provision and work-ordered day of their members. The streamlined reporting capabilities presented by the EHR have been critical in both agencies’ success in communicating their achievements to funders and taking advantage of competitive fiscal opportunities, as well as enabling them to stay ahead of the curve of the myriad changes we are all facing with the halting and complex implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The Q & A portion ran overtime as audience members peppered the panelists with great questions ranging from the more broad—choosing an EHR, interoperability and reporting to other systems, managing audits—to the more specific—member usage, cost, clubhouse implementation strategies. The pertinence of these topics today is undeniable, and Foothold is privileged to engage in furthering these discussions with current and future clients, as well as the broader behavioral healthcare community.