Together in Recovery:
Elevating PROS Programs with Foothold

PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services) focus on delivering tailored services to help individuals achieve their personal goals. Most EHR systems are built for clinical settings, making it difficult to find one that adapts to the unique needs of PROS participants. Our EHR and Case Management system is designed with the flexibility to meet these specific requirements. With a knowledgeable team experienced in PROS, we ensure a quick setup and accurate tracking of all PROS requirements, supporting your mission of transforming the lives of the individuals you serve.

Foothold is utilized by ~50% of PROS programs in New York. With an EHR that automates reporting and billing and tracks individualized recovery plans, we will exceed your PROS management needs.

What is a PROS Program?

PROS programs are designed to provide person-centered recovery-oriented services that integrate treatment, support, and rehabilitation for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. By addressing participants’ unique needs and goals, PROS strives to enhance their quality of life and independence.

AWARDS offers comprehensive tools for end-to-end screening and tracking, automated reporting, intensive case management, and seamless Medicaid billing. AWARDS ensures that PROS programs can operate efficiently, maintain compliance, and provide high-quality care.

Enable your agency to standardize data collection and charting procedures, improve staff accountability, and ensure easy access to up-to-date data. The AWARDS EHR system supports real-time collaboration across multi-site organizations and provides safe, secure, HIPAA-compliant data storage, an essential tool for PROS management.

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Ensure consistency and accuracy by standardizing how data is collected and charted across your agency.

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Improve accountability through detailed reporting, audit trails, and reminders to complete tasks accurately and on time.

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Guarantee safe and secure data storage, compliant with HIPAA regulations, providing the privacy and security of sensitive information.

"PROS programs are not simple to run, and I don’t know how we would do it without AWARDS and the support we receive from Foothold. The money we recouped was a team effort!"
Jenna Tine
VP, Behavioral Health Services,
Goodwill Industries of Greater NY & Northern NJ

Foothold Functionality for PROS

We simplify the complex operations of PROS programs to track patient data and bill Medicaid.

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Easy Medicaid Billing

Integrate Medicaid billing for all services provided, including CRS, IR, ORS, and other clinical services.

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Collect Complex Individual Data

Directly connect to progress notes for an integrated documentation process.

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Integrate Service Plans

Tie person-centered life plans and service plans together to provide whole-person care planning and management.

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Maintain Detailed Records

Track complete health assessments, including medical providers, medications, hospital visits, diet, and immunization records, for meticulous patient health administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

PROS treatment refers to Personalized Recovery Oriented Services, which are extensive, recovery-focused programs designed for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. These services integrate treatment, support, and rehabilitation to help individuals achieve their recovery goals, such as improving functioning, reducing hospitalizations, increasing employment, and securing housing. PROS services may provide an alternative to more expensive mental health services.

A type of care designed to support individuals with mental illness in their recovery journey. These services focus on helping individuals achieve their personal goals, improve their quality of life, and regain independence. Recovery-oriented services typically include personalized treatment plans, support services, and rehabilitation programs tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

A PROS program includes several components, such as Community Rehabilitation and Support (CRS), Intensive Rehabilitation (IR), Ongoing Rehabilitation and Support (ORS), and optional Clinical Treatment. Each component addresses different aspects of recovery, from improving daily living skills to providing intensive support for those with more severe needs.

By providing integrated services that address various aspects of an individual’s life, such as mental health treatment, support for daily living activities, vocational training, educational support, and assistance with housing, the goal is to help individuals achieve their personal recovery goals and improve their overall quality of life.


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