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Our mental health EHR is flexible and configurable, allowing you to manage all the data for your mental health programs. Our extensive expertise in the behavioral health space allows us to deliver a software tool that is configured to the exact needs of your agency.

Our mental health software is designed to be easy-to-use for healthcare professionals and caregivers working with their communities in a wide array of settings: from outpatient and inpatient clinics to community-based programs.


Manage treatment plans easily with flexible plans that track each person’s goals and objectives.

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Coordinate counseling, clinical treatment, and rehabilitation through easy-to-use scheduling, progress notes, and medication features.


Stay on track to meet regulatory requirements, with expertise from our team’s wide experience in the mental healthcare world.

"[Foothold] has reimagined the way we operate and allowed us to meet all State and Federal . . . standards of service delivery. We are now able to do everything from documenting care management activities to facilitating communication amongst team members.”
Daniel L. Lowy
Vice President, Argus Community

Mental Health EHR Requirements

Our mental health EMR is packed with features to help your agency support your community and meet state and federal requirements. Our flexible, configurable EHR features are designed to fit the needs of mental health agencies.

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Create configurable forms and assessments that track the data your agency needs, in the format that works best for your team and your evaluation workflow.

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Build custom reports to analyze your entire agency’s operations, report to funders, and track outcomes.

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Create custom treatment plans to track the goals and objectives of the individuals you work with. Directly link your documentation to the related treatment plan goals.

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Billing Software & Services

Manage Medicaid, Medicare, managed care, waiver, third-party, and direct contract billing with our built-in billing module. Directly link treatment plan documentation to your claims process.

Progress Notes

Document services and sessions for each of your clients, while connecting notes directly to their treatment plans. Configure your notes to match your program needs, allowing you to track progress as each client works towards their goals.


Coordinate treatment and case management seamlessly, with our integrated scheduling and calendar features to keep your entire team on track.


Send lab orders electronically to hundreds of labs across the country, including LabCorp, Quest, and more. Our E-Labs add-on integrates lab results directly within your mental health EHR, to allow for efficient tracking of lab results.


Send prescriptions securely to your clients’ pharmacies. Our certified E-Prescribing module is complete with electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS), to enhance the safety and security of prescribing.

InSights Analytics

Aggregate data from across your agency to create interactive data visualizations and dashboards. Make data-driven decisions with built-in dashboards on client demographics, billing, hospitalizations, referrals, and more.

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How Reporting Transformed
an Agency’s Audits

Founded: 1979

Clients Served: Over 2,500 Annually

Every billing cycle, Kidango staff would spend hours gathering case files to meet each funder’s reporting requirements. Our software streamlined every aspect of their reporting, making their future audits stress-free.


Mental health software is a specialized technology solution designed to support mental healthcare providers in managing their operations, streamlining administrative tasks, and delivering high-quality care to patients.

Key features include:

  • – Electronic Health Records (EHR): Explore the advantages of digital record-keeping, including comprehensive patient information, easy access to medical history, and streamlined documentation.
  • – Appointment Scheduling and Reminders: Understand how efficient scheduling features optimize appointment management, reduce no-shows, and improve patient engagement.
  • – Billing and Claims Management: Learn about the financial aspects of mental health software, including insurance claims processing, invoicing, and revenue cycle management.

By investing in the right mental health software solution, healthcare organizations can transform their practices and provide optimal care to those in need.

The ‘best’ mental health database for your agency will depend on your exact needs; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead start by developing a clear list of pain points and requirements you would want with a new system and base your vendor search with that in mind. 

Check out our guide on how to compare and select new mental health software for more information.

The cost of mental health software can vary widely depending on your needs – ranging from simple note-taking software to advanced platforms that are custom designed with your services and programs in mind. The depth of functionality and level of integration can also affect how much you can you expect also.

It can be more helpful to think of your software investment in the sense of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). A system that may seem less costly initially may actually cost more in the long run when you consider the affect on employee productivity, and the hidden costs of some systems. 

We have created an in-depth guide to EHR costs and pricing which will give you a good sense of what to think about.

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