Benefits of AWARDS for HIV/AIDS

The scope of AWARDS software is deep and wide, with the ability to help agencies that provide HIV/AIDS services serve their clients efficiently while maintaining confidentiality. Features of our electronic health record include:

  • Comprehensive record of client’s medical and social history
  • Manage HIV/AIDS housing and residential programs
  • Diagnostic testing, risk categories and status verification
  • Track diagnoses that are associated with HIV status
  • Track immunizations, diets and assessments
  • Extensive medications tracking

AWARDS helps your organization thrive by offering:

  • Standardization of agency data collection & charting procedures
  • More staff accountability through reporting, audit trails & reminders
  • Easier access to your data, accessible from any location at the agency
  • Increased efficiency allowing staff more time to provide supports & services
  • Easy audits available through AWARDS’ robust reporting functionality
  • Real-time collaboration across multi-site organizations
  • Standard workflow for all agency employees
  • Safe, secure & HIPAA compliant data storage
  • An EHR package certified for Meaningful Use
  • Seamless integration between clinical data and electronic billing
  • Web-based cloud technology, eliminating hardware & infrastructure maintenance costs
We take security and compliance very seriously.
The future
of care requires interoperability.
We spend more time,
effort and energy on client support than anything else.