InSights – EHR Analytics

InSights is a powerful EHR analytics platform for all your agency’s data. InSights helps you aggregate and analyze all your AWARDS data, so that you can make better decisions for your agency. With the information already living in AWARDS, InSights displays your data in easy-to-use, interactive dashboards. 

These configurable dashboards give you an instant understanding of your client demographics, clinician productivity, referral process, and more. With our filtering functionality, you can learn more about a specific group of clients or programs with just a few clicks. Through InSights, you can find data-driven solutions to any of the challenges that your agency faces.

InSights Features

Built-In Dashboards

You’ll have access to a growing library of built-in dashboards that are designed to answer the most common questions at human services agencies.

Interactive Filtering Features

Easy-to-use, intuitive filtering features allow you to drill down to learn more about a specific group of clients or programs, so that you can directly resolve any issues that you see. 

Share Dashboards

You can share insights with your team by exporting the dashboards and data visualizations. You can also set up custom alerts to notify staff of key changes in agency processes. 

Custom Dashboards

For agencies who want even more out of their EHR analytics, our team will work with you to build custom dashboards that answer the unique questions that your agency wants to resolve.

EHR Analytics in Practice

Whether you want to use data to tell your agency’s story or make a key decision, InSights is flexible enough to meet your needs. Here are are just a few real-world examples of how you can use EHR analytics in practice: 

Deliver the right mix of services

See in-depth statistics on the populations you serve and the services they use. Use this data to prioritize the development of additional services, ensuring the most holistic care for your clients. 

Showcase your agency outcomes to funders 

Through easy-to-understand charts and graphs, demonstrate your agency’s treatment success to secure grants and other funding. 

Dazzle your board

Share the most up-to-date data with your board members, without spending hours wrangling the data within traditional reports.

Improve employment for the people you serve

Improve your clients’ employment experience by finding the best placements for them and resolving any issues with their pay or termination. 

Enhance your post-hospitalization follow-up 

EHR analytics can help you understand why your clients are hospitalized and which consumers still need follow-up services. 

Analyze issues in your referral process

Figure out why referrals take a long time to become clients and diagnose whether the delay comes from an agency intake or a client issue.

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