Care Coordination

Care Coordination allows consumers to receive the services they need from every part of the healthcare system while improving a consumer’s experience and avoiding duplication of services.

Imagine all the specialists involved in your clients’ care, including labs and pharmacies, are connected electronically, with the ability to see a complete record of your clients’ history across the spectrum of providers in your community. For agencies in the Foothold Technology community, this functionality is a reality…

Care Coordination and EHR Interoperability

The practical mechanics of interoperability:

  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) connections will plug your agency into your region or state’s cloud for healthcare records and let you send records, pull records back, and receive alerts seamlessly. Think of this as an online file sharing system similar to Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Direct messages (like HISP for example) will let you safely and securely send healthcare records to other providers. This works like email and is especially helpful for referrals.
  • E-Labs and E-Prescribing (eRx) functionality allow you to send and receive prescriptions and orders for medications and lab tests.

Holistic use cases:

  • An individual you are supporting goes to an emergency room; that client’s record is accessible there.
  • A client is discharged or transitioned; that client record can be sent to other providers and specialists.
  • A client meets with a specialist, needs lab work, and/or a controlled substance as part of their care plan.

Focus on the Individual

At the heart of coordinated care is the individual. As a provider, you want to make sure you are providing person-centered care and support while meeting the “whole person” needs of the individual. With interoperability, coordinated care results in better support for the individual and savings in costs for the provider and the community.

Focus on the individual:

  • By considering how those you serve are interacting with the Healthcare System as a whole.
  • By integrating Person-Centered Care or Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) into your model.
  • By interacting with the collaborative organizations that enable care coordination. Whether it’s a Care Coordination Organization (CCO), Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (BHCC), or some other similarly named unit of care that is organizing providers to coordinate care, these entities are working with providers to share data and move toward a Value-Based Care (VBC)/Value-Based Payments (VBP) model aimed at improving the patient experience, improving outcomes, and reducing costs.

Where does AWARDS fit in to all of this? AWARDS is your key to interacting with the broader healthcare system. With interoperability offered through AWARDS Certified Edition, you are able to send structured data, receive alerts, send and receive referrals, exchange care plan data, and reconcile medications.

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Why is Interoperability Important to My Agency?

  • Contribute healthcare records in case of an emergency or transition of care.
  • Incorporate physical health and behavioral health data in one place for an individual’s “one record.”
  • Receive critical alerts on client activity such as emergency room/department visits.
  • Send data to the larger healthcare system to aid in research, support the identification of trends like population health, and examine social determinants of health.

Webinar | Care Coordination and Interoperability – From Theory to the Real World

You have heard about the benefits of connecting to a Health Information Exchange (HIE); better outcomes, better care for clients, but what does this actually look like for an organization? 

What You’ll Learn

  • We look at different types of Health Information Exchanges and how that data gets shared – securely!
  • Examples and challenges of how we hooked into HIEs so you can get a clear picture of what this process might look like and what it will mean for your agency.

Why Partner with Foothold Technology?

At Foothold, we’ve been taking proactive steps for years to prepare our providers to be a part of this vision of coordinated care. We established partnerships with groups like InterSystems, the global leader of HIE technology, and integrated with our AWARDS software the Intersystems HealthShare platform, which is currently being used in HIEs across the US and around the world.

When you partner with Foothold Technology, you have access to powerful tools allowing your agency to operate with a high level of interoperability. Built on years of experience and partnerships within the industry, here’s some of what you can expect:

  • We offer a secure environment to capture your agency’s work, including the secure exchange of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).
  • We meet the latest and greatest interoperability standards, ensuring our customers can coordinate care.
  • We go above and beyond in working with partners to bring you support and collaboration well beyond your initial EHR implementation phase.

Care Coordination in Practice

What follows are a few examples of how our client community is using AWARDS to meet their care coordination and interoperability needs along with some of the initiatives Foothold participates in to help our clients navigate coordinated care.

Nothing speaks louder than the voices of our customers using AWARDS Certified Edition. Here are just a few examples of those voices:

The Bridge, New York

Michael Blady shares thoughts on how his organization, The Bridge, is working with Foothold Technology to share data with Health Information Exchanges.


BronxWorks, New York

Charlela Lacewell & Sarah Carbone share thoughts on how AWARDS is providing BronxWorks with tools it needs for interoperability and Health Information Exchange.


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