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Our human services software is flexible and configurable, allowing you to manage data for programs across your agency. Our extensive partnerships and expertise throughout human services allow us to deliver a software tool that is configured to the needs of any agency.

Designed to be powerful and easy-to-use for even the largest and most complex organizations, our software gives you time back for what matters most: caring for your community.

Human services case managers face complex and unique challenges. Limited resources, fragmented service delivery, unclear coordination with the wider healthcare system, and a lack of communication between service providers are just some examples. Fortunately, our social work case management software can improve the coordination of care, provide access to up-to-date client data, and automate administrative tasks.


Manage service plans with ease and efficiency, through configurable service plans that track personalized goals and outcomes.

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Create compliant cycles of documentation, billing, and reporting — with documentation linking directly to our integrated billing module.


Stay on track to meet regulatory requirements, with expertise from our team’s association partnerships and wide experience with the human services organizations.

“We’ve replaced our time-consuming, internal system . . . and look forward to saving hundreds of hours of work for our entire services department.”
avalon housing
Brett Jones
Evaluation and Compliance Manager,
Avalon Housing

Key Features of Human Services Software

Our human services case management software is packed with features to help your agency support your community. Our flexible, configurable features are designed to fit the needs of any human services organization.

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Create forms that track the data your agency needs, in the format that works best for your team and your workflow.

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Build custom reports to analyze your entire agency’s operations, report to funders, and track outcomes.

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Create custom service or treatment plans to track the goals of the individuals you work with. Directly link documentation to the related service plan goals.

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Manage Medicaid, Medicare, managed care, waiver, third-party, and direct contract billing with our built-in billing module. Directly link service plan documentation to your claims process.

Intake & Admissions

Configure your intake and admissions forms to your agency’s ideal process, creating workflows that capture all the data you need.

Diet & Medical

Have a centralized location for medical information: fully equipped with E-Prescribing, medication tracking, E-MAR, immunizations, diet, vital signs, and more.

InSights Analytics

Quickly aggregate and visualize your agency’s data across multiple programs, residences, or service types. Use your data to make decisions about your programs, services delivered, staff performance, and more.


Coordinate care with other healthcare providers through secure Health Information Exchange (HIE) connections, built-in client consent forms, and connections to labs and pharmacies in your community.


Engage your staff with classroom-style and virtual training, ongoing webinars, certification courses, and more. We’ll work with you to develop a training plan that prepares your staff to become experts in your software.

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How One Agency Recouped
$22,000 in Medicaid Reimbursements

Founded: 1902

Clients Served: 136,000 Annually

With a new program launching and a change in leadership, Goodwill conducted a full review of their data collection and billing processes. Our dedicated team worked with Goodwill to identify opportunities to streamline reporting and data entry through our social work software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Human services case management software is a technology tool that helps nonprofits and case managers in the fields of behavioral health, developmental disabilities, and homelessness to coordinate care, provide access to up-to-date client data, automate administrative tasks, and communicate with insurance companies. This includes maintaining EHRs, printing client invoices, and generating service reports to present to funders.

Rather than wait for EHR records or insurance pre-approvals by mail, provider access to client data is instant when using software tools for case management. This leads to improved client outcomes, enhanced service coordination, client empowerment, and data-driven decision-making. It also increases privacy and data security between providers so that clients feel more comfortable discussing their experiences across their care team.

The cost of a social services case management system depends on several factors, including the features, functionality, and support services offered by the vendor. Many states are re-evaluating their case management and support coordination structures due to a decrease in human services resources, increased demand for these resources, and growing expectations of self-determination for individuals with disabilities and their families. Federal regulations are pushing for improved quality and greater consumer choice while limiting or reducing case management expenses. 

Prices for these human services software systems range from basic to comprehensive, enterprise-level solutions. Depending on the services, you may pay an annual fee or a monthly subscription. You can also purchase the software and pay a monthly consultation fee to ensure your team obtains the maximum benefits from it.

Read our full guide to software pricing.

Despite the ease of use of most case management tools, there are best practices for implementing this software to reduce stress and keep your operations running smoothly. They include assessing your organization’s needs  and customizing the solution, engaging staff and stakeholders early in both the decision-making and training processes, developing a realistic timeline for implementing the software, planning for data migration (including backing up your data), and providing ongoing training and support to staff after the software is successfully installed.

Read our full guide to EHR implementation.

The terms “social services software” and “human services software” are often used interchangeably in many contexts, but they can denote different nuances or focuses in the fields of social work and human services. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

  1. Scope of Services:

    • Social Services: Typically pertains to software solutions that assist agencies and organizations in managing and delivering social welfare services. This might include child protection services, welfare benefits, housing assistance, and other programs that serve vulnerable populations.
    • Human Services: Has a broader scope, encompassing not just social welfare services but also other services that support individuals’ well-being. This can include mental health services, career counseling, rehabilitation, and more.
  2. Target Audience:

    • Social Services Software: Primarily targets governmental agencies, non-profits, and other organizations that manage and distribute social welfare benefits.
    • Human Services Software: Can be used by a wider range of professionals including therapists, counselors, case workers, and other professionals who provide human-centric services.
  3. Features:

    • Social Services Software: Might focus on features like benefits distribution, case management, eligibility determination, and reporting for compliance purposes.
    • Human Services Software: Could include features related to patient or client management, appointment scheduling, therapy notes, treatment plans, and outcome tracking, in addition to the features found in social services software.
  4. Legislative and Compliance Needs:

    • Social Services Software: Often has features or modules specifically designed to ensure compliance with various federal, state, or local regulations pertaining to social welfare programs.
    • Human Services Software: While it may also have compliance features, it may focus more on standards related to healthcare or counseling, depending on its intended use.
  5. Integration:

    • Social Services Software: Might integrate with governmental databases or other systems that track welfare benefits and funding.
    • Human Services Software: Could integrate with healthcare systems, electronic health records (EHRs), and other tools used by human service providers.

It’s worth noting that many software solutions blur the lines between these two categories, offering modules or features that cater to both social and human services. When choosing a software solution, organizations should focus on their specific needs and requirements rather than the label attached to the software.

The amount of training required depends on the complexity of the software and the technical skills of the users. The vendor should provide a comprehensive training program to ensure that users can operate the software effectively. This may include online tutorials, group staff training on- or off-site, individualized support, and helplines or customer support chat features. Consider the importance of user-focused training, basic troubleshooting, and advanced technical support to minimize communication breakdowns or interruptions to human service program delivery.

Social workers use Excel for some basic needs, but purpose-built social work software is a much better option for efficiency, compliance for audits, integrated billing, and other key features. Purpose-built software designed specifically for social workers includes features that are not available in Excel. Primarily, the versatile use of demographic information, EHR notes, insurance codes, pre-filled forms and other templates makes the case management database significantly more nuanced and versatile.

Join the growing list of human services organizations that use our social work case management software to transform how they care for their community.


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