Web-Based Human Services Software
Web-Based Human Services Software
Web-Based Human Services Software
Web-Based Human Services Software
Web-Based Human Services Software
Web-Based Human Services Software
Web-Based Human Services Software
Web-Based Human Services Software

Human Services Software

Our case management software for human service organizations is built with you, the user, in mind. Whether you are customizing service plans, forms and reports to the unique needs of your agency, or working directly with our support and training teams, you can be sure that our behavioral health and human services EHR software will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Improve agency performance, streamline billing processes and ace your audits with the help of AWARDS EHR. Our software is supported by a dedicated team that is on hand to guide you throughout implementation, training and ongoing use.

Agency Performance

AWARDS provides the structure to create consistency in your processes, and easy-to-use functionality that helps staff document services more efficiently and accurately.

AWARDS has the tools to help you improve agency performance such as PlanBuilder, FormBuilder and InSights (EHR Data Analytics).
With all this built on a federally-certified foundation, watch the quality of your services improve and spend more time focusing on your mission.

  • Across the country, we support over 1,000 agencies of every size and type.
  • Our software, AWARDS, arrives ready to serve any type of human service agency and can be configured to meet your agency’s unique needs.
  • Our software fulfills the needs at the front-line and the administrative level.
  • Our proprietary FormBuilder and ReportBuilder enables users to quickly create any additional forms and assessments needed to support workflows and data requirements.
  • The average time spent to implement our software is four months.

I have to tell you that the PCS this year was so much easier than it’s ever been before. In the past, we’d have to hire temp staff every year to get the PCS done. This year, we were able to do it so quickly and easily without any extra help. Thanks so much.

Sheila Kline, Depaul


AWARDS can help you keep order and consistency in your billing processes, and ultimately helps you to get paid faster. With billing functionality seamlessly integrated within the service modules of your electronic record, billing for services across your agency becomes a streamlined process.

AWARDS is configurable and nimble enough to accommodate your unique billing requirements, including billing multiple funders in multiple states.

  • Foothold Technology clients spend up to 98% less time when generating their reports and billing.

Our billing process now takes 5 staff hours per month, about 98.2% time savings compared to 288 hours per month on average before AWARDS. Not only does [billing] take less time, but the results are much better due to not having coding errors, rounding errors, or other calculation errors like before.

Ed Carpenter, Mended Reeds

Security & Compliance

We take the responsibility of safeguarding the electronic protected health information (ePHI) data in our care very seriously. In fact, we have recorded one of the highest scores ever seen when our security measures were tested against the standards of HIPAA and the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.

You can be sure that your agency’s data, and the sensitive information on the individuals you serve, is secure with Foothold. Security isn’t just something we care about, it’s woven into every aspect of our operations.

  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Federally certified as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Meaningful Use
  • Fully Interoperable with any federally certified system for participation in Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) & Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs).
  • The only Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) that is also a certified EHR.

I’d like to let you know that our fiscal auditors were very impressed with the system and felt that with the one-time stamp issue for any and all changes to a note it met the criteria for electronic signatures. Additionally, they seem to be accepting of the electronic signature provided during the recent audit. This was extremely helpful during the audit.
Darcy McCourt, Director of Residential Services, Gateway Community Industries, Inc.

Customer Support

AWARDS is a complete electronic record built by experienced human services professionals. This means we don’t just offer software, we offer an informed partnership, as well as full-service implementation and training.

With responsive and proactive customer support, we are committed to the same priorities as your organization.

  • With roots and origins in human services, we understand the needs of agencies like yours.
  • On day one, your agency will be led by a Senior Customer Success Manager and Implementation Consultant, who are dedicated to you for the life of our partnership.
  • Our training model includes classroom-style training, an extensive online help library with video tutorials, and ongoing learning opportunities through a series of free online webinars.
  • Technical support is provided through a secure Help Desk and Quality Assurance team.

“I had items from last week to discuss for our weekly call; however, the Foothold Help Desk has been amazing in their efforts to answer my questions. I no longer have any items. Please pass along my gratitude to your team.”
Natalie Huntley, Palladia

“I wanted to thank you again for your patience in getting us started on Wednesday and Thursday, your efforts in training, and the extra time you put in after class on Wednesday to help Tony. It was truly appreciated. You’ve left us with a great foundation to build on, and people gave me great feedback on the system as a result of your training, regarding what they needed or would like to see from AWARDS–and even just to tell me in general why they like the system!”
Julie Cook, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

I just wanted to send a quick note of praise for the excellent staff you have at Foothold Technology. Our Senior Customer Success Manager has helped Park Center with our implementation of AWARDS over the past few years and I’m continually impressed with her customer service. She is always extremely responsive any time we need her assistance and her problem solving skills are remarkable. There have been a number of times when we needed to morph the system to work for our needs and Laura has helped us navigate making that happen. We always feel like we are her only client, which in my opinion is the true mark of excellent customer service.

The Help Desk staff are also wonderful. They too are extremely responsive, helpful and SMART! They have gone above and beyond many times and helped me navigate Excel or other programs that aren’t even AWARDS-related. I just could not be more pleased with the service we get from Foothold Technology.
Dani Lieberman, Director of Quality Assurance, Park Center

Our Clients

Here’s just a taste of some of the agencies across the US that use our human services case management software to improve outcomes and deliver better services for their communities.

Features & Functionality

Our human services software is comprised of three main components used for data management: General Information, Chart Records, and Administration. Each component contains several related modules used to perform various executive, fiscal, operational, and/or program services tasks. There are also several key Core Tools accessible from multiple locations within the application so that they are always within easy reach.

The modules, features, and uses of the AWARDS application may vary from agency to agency as Foothold Technology offers a customized version of AWARDS to each customer that is tailored to its specific needs. AWARDS is a vastly detailed application with thousands of data-tracking options, and Foothold Technology recognizes that not all information that flows through the system is needed by all nonprofit organizations. Therefore, customized reports can be created, data fields can be added to or subtracted, and screens can be modified for each customer.

Regardless of the modules and features in customized versions of AWARDS, the application’s components are integrated in a way that allows for the organization of many pieces of complex information into an understandable whole. Users are provided with detailed views of specific information, as well as full picture views of how that information fits together. Cross-module integration is also useful to AWARDS users as it helps to eliminate any duplication of records and inconsistent information that would occur when using separate information systems for executive, fiscal, operations, and program-centered activity.

Because AWARDS is purely web-based, you only need a computer with an internet connection. AWARDS also looks and works great on mobile tablets, iPads, and smart phones (i.e. iPhone).

Please read on for more information on each of the components, modules, and tools available to AWARDS users.

  • Chart Records
  • General Information
  • Administration
  • Core Tools

Request a Demo

I just trained one of our Directors to use AWARDS. She works with vocational clients. She had been afraid of the computer and had asked in the past not to use the old computerized charting system because it was so hard to learn. After one hour-long training, her exact words were: “I wrote down all the instructions you gave me, and came in at 7:30 AM this morning because I thought it would take me an hour and a half to teach myself the system. It took ten minutes!”

Laurel A. Carpenter

Director of Clinical Administration, The Bridge, Inc.

Core Tools

Several key AWARDS tools are accessible from multiple locations within AWARDS so that they are always just a click or two away.

The Agency File Cabinet feature enables users with the proper authority to attach DOC, XLS, PDF, JPG, and BMP files to the AWARDS Opening Menu page, as well as to the first page displayed upon entering each AWARDS modules. Once attached, those files can be viewed by all users.

For agencies looking to bill directly for the services they provide, we offer the BillingBuilder™, our Build Your Own Billing functionality that enables users to configure billing files for dozens of payers in addition to the direct link to Medicaid and Medicare already built into the software. Your agency’s clinical and programmatic data will flow seamlessly from the AWARDS electronic chart into the proper structure in the billing module. From there, you can use the module to create claims to be paid.

With BillingBuilder™, AWARDS establishes a more direct relationship between program services and billing activities. Because both fiscal and program service staff rely on a single system for billing-related information, there are fewer opportunities for errors in communication and less time and energy is expended on internal reporting of this information. This results in more internal control and greater transparency in the billing process.
There is additional support and an additional cost associated with BillingBuilder™.

The AWARDS Electronic Signatures feature allows staff and, in some cases, clients and “other” individuals, to electronically sign (“e-sign”) select records, including progress notes, group notes, service plans, FormBuilder forms, and discharge records.

AWARDS has dozens of assessment tools available to our clients. Moreover, we developed first-in-the-industry “FormBuilder” functionality, which enables users to develop their own forms and share them with whomever they want. This means that using a simple, familiar interface, users can quickly and easily develop any form or assessment tool required of them.

Case Study: AWARDS and Primary Care

Charities of Santa Clara County (CCSCC) opened their first primary care clinic to serve the wide cross section of clients in their Mental Health Division.  For the agency, which began implementing AWARDS in 2009 and uses it in all 80+ programs across the agency, integrating AWARDS into this new medical program wasn’t a question of “if,” but rather “how.”

Taking advantage of the flexibility that the FormBuilder tool offers, CCSCC’s AWARDS team spent time consulting with the nurses, doctors, and administrators on workflow and data sharing details.  Then they built forms that not only ask the important questions, but also link to relevant data already collected in other programs.  The forms were strategically placed in the various AWARDS modules to streamline clinic processes.

Today, just two months after opening the clinic doors, doctors report being not just comfortable with AWARDS, but willing and able to use it to find and record additional pertinent client information.  Medical staff are using AWARDS to conduct interviews, write progress notes, provide relevant data for clients, and gather the needed information for billing.

The Help system is now available at the top of essentially every page via the navigation bar…

  • Frequently Asked Questions – View frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the module/feature you’re in
  • Help Desk – Contact the Help Desk to ask an AWARDS-related question or to report a problem
  • Online Help – A searchable system with FAQs and step-by-step instructions for using AWARDS features
  • Startup Information – Access information that can help with your initial roll-out of AWARDS
  • Training Information – View descriptions of instructor-led trainings, and access free instruction sheets

ReportBuilders™, ExportBuilders™, and The DataBridge™

AWARDS offers more than a hundred real-time reports geared specifically to Behavioral Healthcare providers. AWARDS also has a DataBridge™ feature that allows an administrator to query the entire database and create ad-hoc reports at will. Needless to say, this feature requires a fairly high level of experience in working with databases (as well as Crystal Reports or another report generator), because there are over 5000 data fields in AWARDS and several hundred tables. For the advanced user, however, this feature offers incomparable access to real-time ad-hoc reporting. Lastly, we offer ReportBuilder™, a comprehensive report writer built into AWARDS that can be used to create reports on the fly using the most popular data in AWARDS. For each ReportBuilder there is also corresponding ExportBuilder™ functionality that enables users to export AWARDS data in a variety of file formats for use outside of AWARDS.


The agency logo in the upper right hand corner of every AWARDS page provides quick and easy access to printing. When the logo is clicked, the Print dialog box is displayed. You can use its various settings to specify how the current AWARDS page should be printed.


Chart Records

Use the AWARDS Chart Records modules to maintain/review client records and report on their contents.

Search for clients anywhere in the database, view consumer history, and quickly access important data entry modules.

  • Census Search – Search for past or current consumers by name or other identifying information
  • Client History Report – View all activity for a particular consumer over a specified date range
  • Merge Duplicate Consumers – Merge multiple program history episodes for a client under a single client ID
  • Program History Corrections – Make changes to client program history records

Enter, maintain, and review consumer discharge records.

  • Follow Up Notes – Enter, update, delete, and view follow up progress notes
  • Pre-Discharge Status – Enter, update, and view pre-discharge status records
  • Process Discharge – Process consumer discharges, update discharge records, and view discharge reports
  • Referrals Out – Enter, update, and view service referral records

Enter, maintain, and view consumer employment records, employer records, and other employment and education related information.

  • Contacts Log – Enter, update, delete, and view employment-related contacts log records
  • Group Notes – Enter, update, delete, and view employment-related group notes
  • Jobs – Track job-related information such as interviews, job placements, employers, and more
  • Progress Notes – Enter, update, delete, and view employment-related progress notes
  • Training – Track educational/training history and efforts, including test scores, training placements, and more

Maintain and review client entitlements records to generate fee agreement forms and work with monthly allowances information.

  • Certified Entitlements – Enter, update, and view entitlement and eligibility records, as well as bank information
  • Client Identifiers – Maintain and report on client identifier records
  • Entitlements Checks – Enter the date, amount, and check number for entitlements checks
  • Entitlements Notes – Enter, update, and view notes about consumer entitlements
  • Homeless Verification – Enter, update, and view homeless verification information
  • Income Verification – Enter, update, delete, and view income verification information
  • Money Management – Generate, reprint, and view fee/money management/allowance agreements
  • Monthly Allowances – Enter, update, and view personal needs allowance minimums and reports

Maintain and review hospitalization records and a hospitals list to monitor ER utilization and generate hospitalization referral letters.

  • Advance Directives – Maintain and review consumer advance directives information
  • Episodes – Maintain and review hospitalization records
  • ER Utilization – View ER utilization reports
  • Hospitalization Referral Letter – Generate and print hospitalization referral letters for consumers
  • Hospitals – Maintain and review the hospitals list.

Used to maintain and review consumer housing information for both agency and external residences, as well as to monitor residential census status and vacancies.

  • Bed Registry Report – View read-only bed registry reports
  • Housing Information – Maintain and review consumer residence and phone number information
  • Housing Utilization Report – Measure program capacity and utilization over a period of time
  • Residential Census Status Report – Monitor recent admissions, discharges and other consumer information
  • Vacancy Report – Monitor residence program vacancies

Used to enter and view incident records and reports, including internal investigation findings and measures taken to avoid incident repetition.

  • Incident Report – Record basic incident information observed by general staff
  • Incident Review – Record assessments and findings for action as determined by senior staff or committee.

Create and modify referral records, process applicant intake and admission, and monitor referral activity.

  • Merge Duplicate Sources – Merge duplicate referral sources
  • Process Admission – Process applicant admission into agency programs
  • Process Intake – Process intake into agency programs
  • Referral Information – Enter, update, delete, and view referral information records and activity summary reports

Maintain and review consumer medication, insurance, disability, diagnoses, immunization, and diet information.

  • Allergies – Maintain consumer allergy records
  • Consents Form – Generate consent for release of information forms
  • Diagnoses – Enter, update, delete, and view diagnoses information
  • Diagnostic Test Information – Enter, update, delete, and view diagnostic test information
  • Diet Information – Enter, update, delete, and view diet information
  • Immunization Records – Enter, update, delete, and view immunization information
  • Insurance – Maintain and view consumer insurance and/or subsidized payments records and notes
  • Medical Appointment Form – Enter, update, and print medical appointment forms
  • Medical Care Providers – Enter, update, delete, and view support service provider contacts information
  • Medical Encounters – Enter, update, delete, and view medical encounters with diagnosis codes
  • Medication Lookup – Search for information on a medication in the information database
  • Medications – Enter and update consumer prescription information, and view medication reports
  • Medications Monitoring – Enter print medication monitoring forms
  • Radiology Orders – Maintain client radiology records and generate corresponding reports
  • Toxicology– Enter, update, delete, and view results of toxicology screenings
  • Verification of Disability – Maintain and view consumer disability verification records
  • Vital Signs – Maintain client vital signs information and view vital sign reports

Monitor agency operation in areas such as population trends and goal outcomes through the viewing of read-only reports, and create and administer assessment tools.

  • Assessment Data – Enter, update, and view data for charting timetable assessment events
  • Assessment Reports – Generate reports of information entered in FormBuilder forms
  • Census Report – Monitor census information through custom census reports
  • Daily Checklist Monthly Summary – View Res Hab/Day Hab summary reports
  • Dashboard – View at-a-glance graphs and tables of consumer and data entry counts and trends
  • Discharge Levels – View reports of outcome categories from consumer discharge records
  • FormBuilder – Configure custom assessment forms and run reports on data collected via those forms
  • Goal Outcomes Report – Assess goal outcomes through viewing read-only goal outcomes reports
  • Hospitalization – Monitor hospitalization rates through the viewing of hospitalization reports
  • Meaningful Use Dashboard – View objective and quality measure reports for Meaningful Use
  • Population Trends – Monitor population trends through the viewing of population trends reports
  • Services Utilization Reports – Monitor service utilization though the viewing of reports

Maintain and review consumer face sheets, to view roster and census profile reports, and to maintain consumer household information.

  • Face Sheet – Enter, update, and view consumer face sheets
  • Household Information – Enter and update consumer household information, including children
  • Monthly Profile – Monitor monthly profile information through the viewing of monthly census profile reports
  • Program Profile Report – Monitor program profile information through the viewing of roster profile reports
  • ReportBuilders – Generate user-customized consumer demographics data, household, and HMIS reports

Maintain and review reception desk and program log book information for day and housing programs.

  • Permitted Users – Assign and revoke Reception Desk permissions to those without chart access
  • Program Attendance – Enter, update, delete, and view reception desk information for day programs
  • Program Log Book – Enter and view program log book information for residential programs

Maintain and review both individual and group services records, including those for contacts, progress and group notes, service plans, service coordinators, and activities. It is also used to maintain a calendar of program, consumer, and staff appointments.

  • Activities – Enter, update, delete, and view group attendance information and configure activities lists
  • Assessment Data – Enter, update, and view data for charting timetable assessment events
  • Calendar – Schedule, update, and view program, consumer, and staff appointment records
  • Charting Timetable – Enter, update, delete, and view charting timetable events
  • Consumer Alerts – Enter, update, delete, and view consumer alerts
  • Contacts Log / Supportive Services Checklist – Enter, update, delete, and view contact log records
  • Group Notes – Enter, update, delete, and view group notes
  • Group Schedule Setup – Configure and maintain schedules and membership for re-occurring groups
  • Outreach Mailing – Enter, update, and view outreach mailing records
  • Patient Characteristics Survey – View a patient characteristics survey report
  • Progress Notes – Enter, update, delete, and view progress note records, including service plan-linked notes
  • Reachout– Enter, update, delete, and view clubhouse reachout records
  • Service Coordinators – Change consumers’ service coordinators, reassign caseloads, and view assignments
  • Service Plans – Enter, update, and view admission notes, initial service plans, and periodic reviews
  • Service Referrals – Enter, update, and view service referrals
  • Staff Training – Enter, update, delete, and view staff training session records and reports
  • Utilization Reports – View reports recording the utilization of services in a selected program

Transfer consumers between programs of the same type without having to discharge them from the first program and admit them into the second.

General Information

The AWARDS General Information modules are used to maintain property management information, maintain transportation schedules, read and send messages, maintain employee attendance records and work schedules, schedule meetings and appointments for staff and consumers, and more.

Provides users with a comprehensive scheduling system for staff, consumer, program, and provider appointments / events that is linked with other parts of the application. Within that system users can find a wide variety of viewing and data entry options that will help them meet their individual scheduling needs.

Enables users with the “Announcement Center Upload/Edit” permission to post agency announcements. Once posted, users with employee logins can access the FootholdConnect module to view those agency announcements, as well as any announcements posted by Foothold Technology. Foothold-posted announcements will include notices about new features and functionality, optional enhancement offerings, upcoming events, and AWARDS tips and tricks.

An internal messaging system for AWARDS users. It is used to send and receive internal messages to and from other AWARDS users, as well as to view system generated messages regarding events, changes to important information (including chart records), and more.

  • Address Book – Access the address book from which messages can be composed and sent to selected users
  • Compose – Compose and send messages to other AWARDS users
  • Custom Lists – Create and maintain lists of multiple like users for use when selecting message recipients
  • Help Desk – Report problems or questions to the Help Desk
  • Inbox – Open, view, reply to, forward, or delete messages sent by other AWARDS users
  • Inbox Folders – Create inbox sub-folders in which to store messages
  • Sent – Open, view, forward, or reply to messages previously sent to other AWARDS users
  • Trash – Open, view, or restore deleted messages.

Maintain and view property management, transportation, and fiscal forms information.

  • COA Departments – Maintain and view chart of accounts department codes for use with fiscal forms
  • COA Expenses – Maintain and view chart of accounts expense codes for use with fiscal forms
  • Fiscal Forms – Maintain and view check requests, requisitions, purchase orders, and vendor information
  • Leases – Maintain and view private landlord lease information
  • Property Maintenance – Maintain and view maintenance work orders and apartment painting records
  • Rent & Utilities – Create rent payables records and track rent balances
  • Resident Information – View basic information on program residents and generate vacancy reports
  • ResourceTracker – Create and track service tickets or requests that use agency resources
  • Ride Billing – Print transportation billing information
  • Ride Requests – Maintain, view, and approve transportation ride requests
  • Ride Sheets – Update and print transportation run schedules

Used as a personal organizer for AWARDS users, including a phone/address book and attendance tracker.

  • Attendance – Enter and maintain timesheets, work schedules, time off requests, and absences
  • Calculator – Use a standard pop-up calculator with standard memory storage features
  • Rolodex – Enter, update, delete, and view personal and public address and phone records
  • User Settings – Set text color, font, and size for data entry / report modes, and create your electronic signature


These AWARDS Administration modules are used to maintain and review human resources and fiscal/program information, to perform system setup and maintenance tasks, and to access all AWARDS reports from a central location.

Enter various fiscal and billing information, and then to run reports for internal use and for reporting to funders.

  • AHAR – View AHAR report for a selected Continuum of Care, county, or GEO code
  • Bed Day Analysis Report – View a bed day cost analysis report
  • BillingBuilder™ – Maintain all agency billing information and generate Medicaid bills and claim files
  • CDT Billing Report – View continuing day treatment billing reports
  • CoC Annual Performance Report – View the CoC APR
  • CFR Rosters – View CFR program rosters reports
  • Clinic Services Report – View clinic services reports
  • Comprehensive System Overview Reports – View various reports on client demographics and services
  • CSS Quarterly Clubhouse Roster – View CSS Quarterly Clubhouse Roster reports
  • DHS Drop In Monthly Report – View DHS Drop In Monthly reports
  • DHS SPD Monthly – View DHS Shelter Placement Division Tenant Roster reports
  • DHS SRO Monthly – View DHS SRO Monthly Program reports
  • DMH Stable Housing Performance – View DMH SRO / Supported Stable Housing Performance reports
  • DMH Unique Individuals Served – View an unduplicated count of individuals served
  • DVPHA CR Census – View DVPHA Monthly CR Housing Census reports
  • In-House Accounts – Manage consumer in-house accounts
  • HASA Comprehensive – View HASA weekly and monthly reports
  • HRA/HPD Rosters – View HRA/HPD SRO Unit Programs Rosters
  • LS3 Reports – View LS3 Unit of Service and Summary History reports, and LS3-6 Status Change reports
  • Medicaid Eligibility – Create, upload, and read Medicaid eligibility inquiry and response files
  • MRDD IRA Services Daily Checklist – View IRA Res Hab Daily Checklists
  • NY/NY Clubhouse Monthly Active Roster – View NY/NY Funded Clubhouse Monthly Active Client Rosters
  • NY/NY Clubhouse Quarterly 599C – View NY/NY Clubhouse Quarterly Data reports
  • NY/NY Monthly TRD – View NY/NY Monthly Housing reports
  • OASAS Reports – View PAS-44, PAS-45, PAS-47, data file, and LOCADTR reports
  • PATH Annual Report Survey – View PATH annual report survey
  • PATH QCMRS and Data Export – View PATH QCMR Level of Service, Client Movement, and DataFile reports
  • POCC Form – Enter, update, delete, and view client registration information
  • Quarterly Contract Monitoring Report – View the quarterly contract monitoring/client movement report data.

Use to perform various human resources data entry and report viewing tasks.

  • Accruals / Time Off – Monitor employee accruals/time off through read-only absences reports
  • Credentialing – Enter, update, delete, and view staff credentials records
  • Employee Demographics Report – View employee demographics reports
  • Holiday Schedule – Enter, update, and delete holidays and generate holiday timesheet records
  • Organization Chart – View agency staff organization charts
  • Payroll Status – Enter, update, delete, and view payroll status records
  • Phone Lookup – View the phone numbers of employees at selected worksites
  • ReportBuilders – Generate user-customized reports of employee-related data
  • Salary History– Enter, update, delete, and view employee compensation and funder contract records
  • Staff Information – Enter, update, and view staff information records
  • Staff Training– Enter, update, delete, and view staff training records
  • Work Schedules – Enter, update, view, and delete employee work schedule information.

Used to change one’s own password, or the password of supervisees.

Used to access all reports found within AWARDS.

  • Report Selection – Locate and run reports from alphabetical or categorical report lists
  • Search by Title Keyword – Locate and run reports using a title keyword search
  • Search by Descriptive Phrase – Locate and run reports using a description keyword search
  • List Reports – Locate and run reports using a complete list of reports with descriptions

Used to perform various system setup and maintenance data entry and report viewing tasks.

  • Agency Program Information – Set up and maintain agency programs
  • Business Rules – Enter global and program-specific data entry and system usage rules
  • DataBridge Files – Export AWARDS data into a Microsoft Excel file for reporting and data manipulation
  • HMIS Data Export – Export AWARDS data to another AWARDS HMIS database
  • Local Help Desk Staff – Maintain the list of agency employees who are members of the “local help desk team
  • Login Maintenance – Create logins, change passwords, update user group assignments, and run audit reports
  • One Time Startup Data Upload – Upload startup client information
  • Permissions Maintenance – Update and view user permissions and configure user groups
  • Residence Units – Enter, update, close out, and view the units in residence programs

Agency Efficiency: Proven Savings of Time and Money

Foothold clients report saving an average of 88% and even up to 98% of time on documentation with AWARDS Software for Human Service Providers.

The data used for this paper was self-reported by five Foothold clients. Clients selected for review must have been using the software for at least 6 months and the software must be in use by a minimum of 25% of the relevant staff at each agency.

The table below follows a simple methodology. Clients were asked to provide the following information for one or two randomly selected external, required reports. Clients were asked for:

  1. the type of program for which the report is issued
  2. the type of reports in question
  3. the number of hours required for report generation prior to using AWARDS at the agency
  4. the number of hours required for report generation now
  5. the frequency of report issuance

Because of the nature of our requests, we asked agencies only for one or two reports as examples of the impact of AWARDS. As a result of this small number of reports, aggregate assertions of time saved become less applicable. Therefore, we have created a calculation called: “Average time saved” which allows the reader to extrapolate the savings offered by AWARDS onto his or her own agency. Average time saved is remarkably consistent across reports and across agencies. It is this average time saved that best represents the impact AWARDS will have on your agency.

The average percent of time saved on generating reports is 88%. This represents a significant opportunity for improving agency efficiency. If your agency spends 1000 hours generating all its reports in a year, it will save 880 hours using AWARDS and spend only 120 hours – a savings of 22 weeks.

I was just talking to a supervisor in one of our programs that’s planning to go live in February (or thereabouts). He mentioned that he had been poking around in the software, so I asked him how he was feeling about it. He said, “It’s pretty easy to use – you would have had to stop at Atari to have trouble using it. Since I’m old enough to remember Atari, I thought this was a pretty positive statement on the software’s ease of use.

Guy Ricci, Jr.

Deputy Executive Director – Administrative Operations, Saint Catherine’s Center for Children

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