Coordinated Entry and HMIS Reporting

Prioritize and streamline your care.

Our HMIS supports a wide variety of Coordinated Entry Systems, including single point-of-entry systems and call centers, and is also set up to work with open-ended systems using a No Wrong Door approach. The most commonly used Coordinated Entry screening and assessment forms are built into our HMIS, including various versions of the VI-SPDAT and Self-Sufficiency Matrix. Or, use our form-building tool to easily build custom assessments.

For efficient data sharing across systems, our HMIS offers HUD CSV imports and exports on-demand. You can also share assessment forms and additional services data to measure the impact your Coordinated Entry System is having on the clients in your continuum.

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Collect and share information about the homeless individuals and families seeking services within your continuum.

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Generate required reports for various funding sources, including the Annual Performance Report (APR) for HUD.

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Build your own customized prioritization lists and set criteria for coordinated entry.

“The HMIS has been wonderful. We use it all the time in our coalition. I think the system is intuitive and the changes HUD requires are always ready and waiting for us . . . Thank you Foothold!”
Long island coalition for the homeless
Wayne Scallon
HMIS Supervisor,
Long Island Coalition for the Homeless

Coordinated Entry and HMIS Reporting Features

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Coordinated Entry

Our HMIS is configured for single point-of-entry systems, call centers, and communities with open-ended systems using a No Wrong Door approach. Build your own customized Prioritization Lists and set criteria for entry, and set custom ranking based on assessment scores or any number of other criteria.

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HMIS Reporting

All current HMIS data standards are built into the system, along with all standard reports and forms required by HUD, CoC programs, ESG, PATH, SSVF, and other entities. Track and manage data related to the full continuum of homeless services, from outreach and emergency shelter, to case management, referrals, and supportive housing.

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Data Transfers

Perform CSV exports and imports to download your data in the latest HUD format. Choose how your data is deduplicated, and whether you wish to use Delta Refresh or Full Refresh. A special HMIS Upload feature allows you to seamlessly transfer data between databases in the software.

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HMIS Expertise

We stay involved with thought leaders and policy makers, in order to stay ahead of the curve on HMIS news and changes. Our longtime HMIS experts keep close watch on any updates to the data standards, ensuring that our client agencies are always up-to-date on regulatory and policy changes.

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Always Current

We work hard to make sure our HMIS system always includes the latest updates and changes to the HMIS Data Standards. New fields, assessments, and data labels are ready and available even before you need them.

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How an HMIS Was Implemented
for 1,000 Programs in Record Time

Founded: 2004

Clients Served: Over 1,300 Annually

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency needed a partner that could help implement an HMIS software in over 1000 programs across the state. Our dedicated team worked with NJHMFA to implement and configure their HMIS database within only a couple of months.

We stay connected to everything happening in the world of homelessness and housing so that you can coordinate services while staying compliant
with the latest regulations.