Coordinated Care

Imagine a day when all the specialists involved in your client’s care are connected. A day when you could see a complete record of your client’s history across the spectrum of providers in your community. That vision of coordinated care is becoming a reality, and interoperability is the key. In the not-too-distant future, health care providers, whether they offer behavioral or physical services, will be able to collaborate on a patient’s care by being able to view a comprehensive record of the patient’s history and needs.

In order to participate in this vision, it is critical for all providers to have an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that is interoperable with other systems in their respective networks. Interoperability, in simplest terms, is the capability of exchanging data automatically with other data management systems with correct interpretation of the information being shared. Below is an image we created to illustrate how interoperability works.


Patient-Centered Care When our patient arrives at the hospital, his doctor can treat him empowered by a comprehensive health history that includes notes entered by providers at other facilities into the EHR. The Health Information Exchange (HIE) hub traffics the data, with the EHR (AWARDS) as the conduit providing secure and confidential delivery. This coordination results in better treatment, money saved, and an overall better recovery.

Interoperability in Action
At Foothold, we took proactive steps to prepare our providers to be a part of this vision of Coordinated Care. We established a partnership with Intersystems, the global leader of HIE technology, and integrated with our AWARDS software the Intersystems HealthShare platform, which is currently being used in HIEs across the US and around the world. AWARDS is one of very few EHRs that have achieved interoperability and are actively participating in data exchanges today. To learn more about interoperability of AWARDS, click here.

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