2019 User’s Conference: AWARDS U

NYU Kimmel Center,
60 Washington Square South
New York, 10012

Bringing Agencies Together at Foothold’s 2019 User’s Conference

The latest in federal and state initiatives around the opioid crisis, an interactive tutorial in HIPAA and IT security for your agency, and a workshop on renewing your personal passion for service: these were just a few of the thought-provoking sessions from our 2019 User’s Conference. 

Bringing together a diverse group of AWARDS users from across the country to NYU’s Kimmel Center, the conference helped users connect on some of the biggest topics in the agency world today. The conference featured industry leaders and an exclusive preview of some of the most exciting features coming to AWARDS such as our new Business Intelligence tool, InSights. 

Check out some of the pictures and a full list of the day’s sessions below. Don’t forget, if you attended this year’s User’s Conference (in-person or virtually), you can access exclusive video recordings of all the sessions. Thanks for joining us and we hope to see you again next year!


Our 12th annual User’s Conference built on last year’s back to school theme with a focus on the ever-changing landscape of care. Attendees enhanced their knowledge of AWARDS and walked away with tools to strengthen their agency. By becoming a better AWARDS user, you understand how to use and leverage your data to operate more efficiently, increase partnerships and develop metrics to support growth.

AM Session I

A Lecturer’s Guide with David Bucciferro: How Today’s Federal Initiatives Affect You

Join Senior Advisor David Bucciferro as he shares highlights from his national work with the Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA). This session will help guide you and your agency as you navigate the many challenges facing health care providers today and tomorrow. Learn about how major federal and state initiatives such as the Opioid Support Act, HIPAA reform, Interoperability, and others will affect you. Gain tools to help you navigate value based care in a managed environment. David will also share the most current information available about the behavioral health technology incentive program.

Preparing for the 2019 HMIS Data Standards

New HMIS Data Standards will be released in October. Join us for a sneak preview of what is coming. This session will also contain a look at the LSA report and how its data is being used.

Voted Most Likely to Succeed: Best of 2019 Enhancements

Join Trainer Natalie Wright-Umoh and Implementation Consultant Ivy Raff for a look into the most exciting new features we’ve released so far in 2019. We’ll review real-world examples of how behavioral health agencies are using these features to their advantage, and show how to train your staff to use them successfully.

Midterm Check-In: Evaluating and Improving Your AWARDS Use

Each day, we strive to make sure that your organization is using AWARDS to its fullest capacity. Fully implementing AWARDS is a key part of that goal. This session will explore the components of full AWARDS usage, how to facilitate an agency implementation self-evaluation and then follow-up by creating and adhering to a work plan to improve your overall usage of AWARDS. This session is for anyone who wants to look at how well their agency is using AWARDS – whether you’re just getting started or have been using AWARDS for years.

AM Session II

Be Inspired: AWARDS Impact Prize Winners

Announcing the winners of the AWARDS Impact Prize at our User’s Conference has become an anticipated annual ritual in the Foothold community. These are individuals and teams who have shared poignant and powerful stories about how they have leveraged AWARDS to create a measurable and ongoing impact on the health and well-being of the communities they serve. Come hear previous winners share their strategies, their struggles, and their successes. Be inspired, and leave with fresh ideas about how you can harness the tools within AWARDS to have a greater impact on your agency, your clients, and your community.

Statistics 201: Business Intelligence with AWARDS InSights

In this session we will introduce you to our brand new business intelligence (BI) tool, AWARDS InSights, powered by Sisense. InSights makes your data come to life in new and exciting ways. You’ll see the dashboards that have been developed, discuss the potential of the tool and learn how you can gain new InSights into your data.

Extracurricular: eMAR

Foothold is excited to showcase our partnership with CaraSolva and their eMAR system, MedSupport. This add-on feature can be integrated into AWARDS for all your medication administration needs. Come meet the CaraSolva team, learn about the integration process, and watch a demo of the software.

First in Your Class: Tips for Succeeding at AWARDS U

Do you know you can configure FormBuilder fields to default to a specific value for all instances of your form? Do you know how to use dynamic filters on ReportBuilders to show you all of the progress notes that were written in the last two weeks, regardless of when you choose to run that report? Do you know the easiest way to find information in Online Help? Attend this session to hear a whole series of tips that will make you a graduate level AWARDS user!

PM Session I

Into the Wild: Security Survival Training

Without the proper skills, working in a connected healthcare environment can be like being dropped into the harsh wilderness without a compass.  In this session, we’ll give you the skills you’ll need to thrive among the challenges around you and make plans for even the worst-case scenario.  The session will conclude with a mock security exercise and round table from Foothold’s security experts.

Guided Analysis: Exploring the 837 Claim File

Do you want to better understand how AWARDS populates 837 claim files? Of course you do! So, don’t miss this interactive session which explores the complex relationship between AWARDS data and the various 837 data segments.

It’s All About Team Spirit: A Day in the Life of a Local Help Desk

Join us as we demonstrate Help Desk best practices by using real-life ticket examples. We will walk you through every step of reporting, troubleshooting and resolving issues reported through an agency’s local Help Desk. This session is geared toward and is highly recommended for local Help Desk team members.

Renewing your Inner Helper

Many of you joined this field of work out of a deep desire to help people. In the daily crunch of work pressures, that connection to your deepest desire can sometimes get lost or buried. Join us for a highly interactive session on reconnecting to your passion and purpose to reignite the reason you do what you do.

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