AWARDS Known Issue Status Page


Find information on known issues in AWARDS and the status of these issues here.  This list will be updated regularly, and issues will be added and removed as they are discovered and resolved. 

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all issues we are aware of or working to fix.

To report an issue that is not present on this list, please contact our Help Desk via the Help Desk button in AWARDS.

Known Issues

This list was last updated on 12/6/23 at 12:10 PM.  Newly reported issues will be added to the top of the list.

Active Issues

PriorityIssue DescriptionJira Ticket #Known WorkaroundDate ReportedStatusLast Updated
HighE-Labs> Synchronizing order never completesAWH-7683None11/8/23In Dev11/28/23
Medium-HighScheduled reports not runningAWH-7720None11/15/23In-Dev11/15/23
Medium-HighProgress Notes> Duration not calculating properly with daylight saving changeAWH-7669None11/7/23Awaiting Deployment12/4/23
Medium-HighHMIS Reports> Chronically Homeless field incorrect on HMIS RBAWH-7690None11/9/23In Test12/4/23
Medium Users are getting timed out before the timeout value endsAWH-7394None9/18/23In Dev12/4/23

Recently Closed Issues

PriorityIssue DescriptionJira Ticket #Known WorkaroundDate ReportedStatusResolution Date
Medium-HighFace Sheet> “Email address already in use” error for clients without loginsAWH-7761None11/21/23Closed12/6/23
LowProgress Notes> Progress note end time defaulting to 12AWH-7686None11/8/23Closed11/28/23
MediumLSA> Housing Type flag errorAWH-7743None11/20/23Closed11/22/23
MediumHouseholds> Intake> Household Program Enrollment section showing incorrect GenderAWH-7608None10/27/23Closed11/21/23
MediumHMIS Export> Delta refresh not an optionAWH-7668None11/6/23Closed11/21/23
Medium-HighMessages> unable to send Help Desk MessagesAWH-7753email Foothold Help Desk at [email protected]11/20/23Closed11/20/23
Medium-HighIntake/admission dates populating from newest admissionAWH-7589None10/24/23Closed11/20/23
MediumQ15 and Q23 ESG CAPER errorAWH-7603None10/26/23Closed11/15/23
Medium-HighMedicaid Service Report IssueAWH-7687None11/8/23Closed11/13/23
MediumEnrollment ID error to EccoviaAWH-7493None10/5/23Closed11/13/23
Medium-HighReports not completingAWH-7679None11/8/23Closed11/9/23
Med-HighIntake / Admission> Configure Data Elements hierarchy logic errorAWH-7575None10/24/23Closed11/8/23
MediumPlans & Reviews> initial plan did not auto scheduleAWH-7657Manually schedule plans11/2/23Closed11/7/23
UrgentIntake / Admission> Can’t admit client via waitlist, white screen displays when processing admissionAWH-7662None11/6/23Closed11/7/23
HighHD Messages> “This page isn’t working” errorAWH-7658None11/2/23Closed11/2/23
HighReports> Scheduled Reports not runningAWH-7554None10/19/23Closed11/2/23
HighProgress Notes and Plans & Reviews> unable to e-signAWH-7646None11/1/23Closed11/1/23
MediumMessages> Unread message count not updatingAWH-7365None9/13/23Moved to Project AW-760411/1/23