How To Log In To Foothold’s AWARDS Software

Having trouble logging into AWARDS?

If you are a current user of AWARDS software looking to log in to your agency’s database, be advised that details of your access are determined by your agency. Please reach out to your agency’s system administrator for assistance.

Read below for instructions on what to do if you forget your username or password, you are a new user or if your AWARDS database is down.

Have You Forgotten Your AWARDS Username or Password?

If you’ve forgotten your AWARDS username or password, use the “forgot” links on the login page to get back on track.  (If you’ve forgotten both, use the forgot username link first, and then once you’ve received your username, go ahead and use the forgot password link.)

When you click one of these links you’ll be prompted to enter a combination of information from your Password & Security information so that AWARDS can confirm your identity.  When entering this information please keep in mind that:

  The answer to your security question is NOT case sensitive.

  If you are an agency EMPLOYEE you may have two email addresses entered into AWARDS – Work and Personal; however, your agency may also have rules in place to limit which of those can be used during the forgot username/password process.  Be sure to enter the allowable email address at this time.  When in doubt, try your Work email address first, and then your Personal email address. 

If you are an agency CONSUMER, you will only have one email address recorded in AWARDS; use that email address here.

Once AWARDS has confirmed your identity you’ll be sent an email with either your AWARDS username, or a way to reset your AWARDS password (depending on which of the two forgot links you used).  You’re now well on your way to getting back to work in AWARDS! 

If using these links doesn’t work for you – either because you haven’t yet entered your security details in AWARDS, or because there was a problem with your identity confirmation – please reach out to your supervisor and/or your agency’s local Help Desk team.

 IMPORTANT! Please do NOT contact Foothold Technology when username or password-related assistance is required.  For security purposes it is the policy of the Foothold Help Desk never to process username and password requests; if we receive such requests we will direct you to the individuals noted above.

Are You a New User Who Needs AWARDS Access?

If you are a new user who would like to access your agency’s AWARDS database, please be advised that details of your access are determined by your agency, NOT by Foothold Technology.  Please reach out directly to your supervisor and/or your agency’s local Help Desk team for assistance.

Is Your AWARDS Database Down?

If your organization is unable to access AWARDS, please contact us via email:

  During standard business hours (9 AM to 5 PM Eastern) –

  Outside of standard business hours –

When contacting us, be sure to include your AWARDS URL (ex: so that we can easily identify where you are reporting from.

Please rest assured that our team will investigate and update you as soon as we possibly can.

 IMPORTANT! For ANY issue other than your organization’s inability to access AWARDS, please contact the Help Desk from within AWARDS.

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