Expo 2016: Cultivating Growth

On June 23, 2016, hundreds of Foothold clients gathered at NYU’s Kimmel Center for our ninth annual user’s conference: Expo 2016: Cultivating Growth. The day was filled with learning, collaboration, and inspiration. We presented on the areas in which we’ve grown over the past year and looked ahead into some of the newest seeds of functionality we’ve planted in AWARDS. The Foothold team, accompanied by a talented group of outside presenters, offered a diverse set of sessions aimed to educate attendees of all service types and roles. Session topics included “PlanBuilder — A Greenhouse for Your Service Plans,” which offered a look at our newly-developed PlanBuilder, “I/DD Services — Can Concurrent Documentation Work?,” which dove into the changing rules and regulations in the I/DD environment, and “Pruning Your A/R and Reporting Process,” which offered strategies for refining an agency’s billing posting process to provide more accurate financial reporting.

Outside of the sessions, attendees heard a moving keynote speech from Daniel Kish. Losing both eyes to cancer as a baby, Daniel Kish learned a new way to see. By clicking his tongue and listening to the patterns of information that echoed back to him, Daniel began to construct images in his mind of near and distant surroundings that allowed him to navigate as freely as if he were seeing. Daniel has devoted his life to helping others who are blind not let fear dictate their abilities.

As with all of our Expos, we added in a few new opportunities for attendees. Our afternoon included a Vendor Showcase. Each year, Foothold invites a select group of vendors to exhibit their products at the Expo, products that can complement the use of AWARDS and give users additional tools to help grow an agency, develop staff, and streamline processes. The Vendor Showcase allowed each vendor to present mini demonstrations of their products. Additionally, the end of the day saw our usual networking social, but not before we had a little fun with the first annual Gator Garden (a Shark Tank-like event). Gator Garden allowed Foothold clients to pitch ideas that could change the way Foothold operates. In exchange for the ideas, and for the willingness to pitch in front of our entire group of attendees, participants received cash!

All in all, Foothold Expo 2016: Cultivating Growth was one of our best Expos yet. Many thanks to all who helped make it a true success! We look forward to seeing everyone at our next Expo on June 22, 2017.

Keynote Speaker

Daniel KishLosing both of his eyes to cancer as a baby, Daniel learned a new way to see. Within a few months of losing his eyes, it became clear to those around him that Daniel was learning to discern the nature and location of objects well beyond his reach. By clicking his tongue and listening to the patterns of information that echoed back to him, Daniel began to construct images in his mind of near and distant surroundings that allowed him to navigate as freely as if he were seeing.

Daniel’s parents knew his blindness would pose significant challenges, and they knew fear would compromise his ability to face those challenges. Therefore, fear and doubt held no sway in Daniel’s upbringing. Walking himself to his neighborhood school, finding his own way around new places, bicycling on his own, tree climbing, and general roughhousing were just a few of the typical activities that characterized Daniel’s active boyhood. Fear of the unknown was thus neutralized in Daniel’s mind, freeing him to face all of life challenges with little trepidation.

Today, Daniel is the first blind person ever known to be certified to teach blind people how to navigate, and the first to apply these same principals to help everyone, blind and sighted alike, navigate any challenge more effectively and with less fear. Voted one of the top 10 speakers at TED2015 and PopTech’s talk of the day, and featured in over 150 major publications and broadcasts reaching millions around the globe, Daniel has served thousands of clients from Fortune 500s to individuals.

Sessions – A.M. One

(Session slides are available. Click the links below to download.)

PlanBuilder: A Greenhouse for Your Service Plans

In this session, we’ll walk through a demo of the brand-new PlanBuilder. Starting with how to create a new plan, we’ll take an in-depth look at completing a plan from the end user perspective and wrap things up with a discussion about transitioning your programs to this new model. You’ll walk away from this session with ideas on improving your documentation methods from a kernel of information into full bloom.

Documentation in a World of Managed Care & HCBS

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For today’s providers, the new environment of care and rules around HCBS promise an extra level of accountability that will require a new way of managing resources and data. At the same time, it will be critical for providers to focus on creating person-centered service plans that meet all quality assurance standards posed by CMS guidelines. This session will offer strategies that agencies can use to be successful in today’s ever-changing world.

Impact Prize: Cultivating Your Agency’s Groundbreaking Work

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In 2015 we launched our inaugural Impact Prize and awarded $1000 to five agencies recognized for their groundbreaking work with AWARDS. Join us for the Impact Prize session to learn what those agencies did to earn the prize, and explore how the work you do might earn you an Impact Prize too. We’ll also look at how your work ties into business development for your agency, whether it be through patient engagement, data visualization, or other development opportunities.

Saving a Tree: Going Paperless with AWARDS

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One of the biggest benefits of using an Electronic Health Record is moving away from paper charts! Learn more about all the ways that AWARDS can help your agency eliminate paper from your workflows and even prepare for electronic auditing.

Tending to Your Online Community: Using Social Media to Grow Support, Funding, and Awareness.

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In this session, we’ll briefly discuss the most popular social media sites, how they’re used, and how nonprofits can use them effectively to convey their message. Then we’ll dig deeper into the ways human service agencies use social media to build online communities. You’ll hear from other professionals, like you, in the human services sector who have found great success by harvesting the power of online media.
Who should attend? Executives or Program Directors

Sessions – A.M. Two

(Session slides are now available. Click the links below to download.)

Help Desk: Establishing the Roots of Teamwork

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Learn how your team can thrive using AWARDS. In the same way that a Three Sisters garden has squash, corn, and beans working together, Help Desk is a continuous effort of teamwork and growth. During this session, we will share tips for enhancing the communication between the end users and the local help desk, and between the local help desk and Foothold Technology.

Growing HMIS to Support Coordinated Entry Systems

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Learn about the new and upcoming changes to AWARDS HMIS as we help prepare communities for the implementation of Coordinated Entry Systems. Gain new tips from communities implementing CE systems and come prepared to share your own thoughts and ideas.

Branching Out AWARDS – Development in the Year Ahead

AWARDS is the epitome of growth–new offerings every season, rolled out on a monthly basis. What priorities are driving Foothold’s development calendar here and now? What can you expect in the year ahead? Come find out in this session designed to familiarize you with our process, our expectations, and upcoming projects. Hear from our Application Development, Client Services, and QA divisions about the kinds of optimization work that is done “behind the scenes,” and what growth you can expect from AWARDS in the year ahead.

Connecting Systems: Primary Care Takes Root in Behavioral Health

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Foothold has the tools and technology to help your agency put down sturdy roots in a changing landscape. Join Alex Attinson and Ivy Raff, members of Foothold’s Connected Care team, and dig into the AWARDS functionality that can keep your agency visible in a managed care environment and the wider healthcare community. This session will include demonstrations and discussion around interoperability models, electronic lab ordering, and features that can help grow your agency.

I/DD Services – Can Concurrent Documentation Work?

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The world in which we all provide services is changing rapidly. With increased focus on Medicaid funding, Managed Care, Integrated Care, and use of Electronic Health Records – service providers are faced with a need to rapidly keep up with changes and remain positioned for success. This is perhaps most challenging in the world of I/DD services, where population needs are so great and the service provision needs are so demanding. Join us as we evaluate concurrent documentation models used elsewhere, and discover if and how concurrent documentation can fit into your world of I/DD service provision. Learn about the most recent research on concurrent documentation, and see how AWARDS can help you track your I/DD services.

Extended Interactive Sessions

(Session slides are now available. Click the links below to download.)

Fostering Organizational Change: Strategies for Managing Resistance to Change

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This session will address how to lead and manage organizational change within an agency. It will review strategies for helping your staff (and clients) adapt to change, including the importance of communication, how to productively and successfully address resistance to change, and how to lay out a project plan.

Planting the Seeds of Training

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Give an AWARDS user a tree, they end up with one tree. Teach an AWARDS user how to plant seeds, they will have trees that last a lifetime.

At Foothold Technology, we promote a Train-the-Trainer model – encouraging agencies to utilize staff to teach their colleagues how to use AWARDS. In this session, we will explore strategies to help your trainers teach their colleagues to effectively grow a forest full of skilled AWARDS users. We will discuss what you should consider when choosing your training team, and review best practices for passing on the information about using AWARDS at your agency. Our discussion will include information about creating a training plan, producing your own customized instruction documents and films, how to access Foothold resources, and more.

Pruning Your A/R and Reporting Process

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In this session, you will learn how to refine your agency’s billing posting process to provide more accurate financial reporting. An in-depth walk-through of fiscal periods functionality and management in the AWARDS BillingBuilder module will provide clarity on the direct linkage to sound reporting. Various BillingBuilder reporting options will be discussed to illustrate how data can be obtained and exported from AWARDS.

Helping Your Garden Grow: Vendor Showcase

Each year, Foothold invites a select group of vendors to exhibit their products at the Expo. Their services can complement your use of AWARDS and give you additional tools to help grow your agency, develop your staff, and streamline your processes. Join this year’s exhibitors for an interactive “expo” session to hear mini-demonstrations from each vendor in a round robin style.

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