Expo 2015: Solving the Puzzle

June 25, 2015 marked Foothold Technology’s 8th annual user’s conference–Expo 2015: Solving the Puzzle. Almost 300 AWARDS users gathered at NYU’s Kimmel Center for a day filled with networking and learning (and a little bit of trivia!)–all in the attempt to put together the many pieces of our changing world.

We kicked the day off with a keynote address from Dr. Rishi Manchanda, an “upstreamist” from Los Angeles who has devoted his life to helping care providers discover the root cause of their patient’s ailments rather than just treating them. From there, the bulk of the day consisted of over a dozen sessions presented by Foothold staff members and clients on topics ranging from new updates in AWARDS and how to train your staff to the world of coordinated care and the ways in which agencies can use their data to find trends and improve performance.
While the setting of our Expo remained the same as previous years, we added a number of new elements to the mix. Going along with our theme, we had a giant Foothold puzzle, which attendees put together throughout the day, as well as a separate lunchroom where teams tested their smarts with trivia. New this year were our Extended Interactive Sessions designed to create more of a conversational space than traditional sessions. Participants were able to share challenges, successes, and experiences, inspiring discussions among the groups. The day ended with our inaugural Impact Prize awards, which agencies applied for throughout the year based on the innovative ways in which they’re using AWARDS.
Many thanks to all who helped make Expo 2015: Solving the Puzzle a huge success! We look forward to seeing everyone at our next Expo on June 23, 2016.

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Keynote Speaker

Rishi Manchanda, MD, upstreamist and public health innovator.We are thrilled to have Rishi Manchanda as our Expo 2015 Keynote Speaker. For a decade, Manchanda has worked as a doctor in South Central Los Angeles, treating patients who live and work in harsh conditions. He has worked at the Venice Family Clinic, one of the largest free clinics in the United States and was the first Director of Social Medicine at the St. John’s Well Child and Family Center in Compton, where he and his team provided high-quality primary care to low-income families. Currently, he is the Medical Director of a veterans’ clinic within the Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, which he refers to as an “intensive caring unit.”

Manchanda is an “Upstreamist,” looking at how health begins at home and in the workplace and is influenced by the social and environmental factors of our everyday lives. He works to explain how the future of our healthcare system depends on this mindset in order for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners to look for the root cause of illness rather than just treating the symptoms. Manchanda is the president and founder of Health Begins, a social network that teaches and operates under this philosophy.

Sessions – A.M. One

Seeing the Whole Picture with AWARDS

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AWARDS was designed with flexibility in mind. There are thousands of configuration options behind the scenes. No two agencies are exactly alike and similarly no two databases look alike. In spite of this, it’s no surprise that our customers make requests that have not been previously considered and similarly it’s no surprise that we are able to accommodate these requests . Join us to see how a strong platform, out of the box thinking and collaboration can help you maximize AWARDS use in your organization.

The Interoperability Jigsaw: What pieces do you need for the delivery reform puzzle?

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Behavioral Healthcare agencies are going to play a significant role in upcoming delivery system reform programs. In order to focus on the services provided to clients and minimize the time spent on data entry and reporting EHR interoperability will be important for agencies to maximize their revenue streams. Join us to learn the pieces of the puzzle you may already have and where they may fit in the future.

Filling in the Pieces – Linking to External Resources (IMO, H2H, Interoperability Center, etc)

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Foothold offers several options that can be added to your agency’s contract to that make AWARDS more robust and useful. In this session, we will review the solutions that can help you serve your clients and manage your database even more effectively. We will review IMO functionality, Emdeon (if applicable), Electronic Prescribing, Interoperability Center, and IP Restriction.

Up Your Game: Improve Your AWARDS Data Entry Skills (Common Mistakes In AWARDS)

As a human service provider, you already know that small steps make big differences. The same is true for AWARDS data entry! Improving your data entry skills and knowing how to locate and fix common data entry mistakes will help build a more accurate picture of the work that you and your staff do. Learn the correct ways change medication dosages, update entitlements, fix those ReportBuilder filters and more! Agency Help Desk staff are especially encouraged to attend.

Sessions – A.M. Two

Navigating AWARDS Development

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New methods of recording information are just one of the many consistently changing parts of our jobs. Come hear how the development process at Foothold takes shape. Learn how Foothold navigates the many twists, turns and stops in developing software. Hear from our Application Development, Client Services and QA divisions about how their development priorities are set.

The Paradox of change and project management

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Organizational change/Implementation is one of paradoxical challenges that constantly faces us all constantly. We want the end result, but resist the path to get there. Hurdles can come in the form of communication challenges, shifting responsibilities, documention practices or any part of the implementation process. Come learn from our Implementation Consultants about how to solve the paradox of change and bring your project to the next level.

BillingBuilder: Following the Path to Managed Care

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The long-anticipated transition to managed care for behavioral healthcare is around the corner, bringing with it new service delivery, reporting and billing requirements, along with plenty of anxiety. Although all of the details about operating in a managed care environment have not yet been determined, we know that it will take a lot of effort and the right tools to meet the requirements. Please join us for a panel discussion of some of the most important steps providers can take to get ready for managed care billing and a demonstration of the tools available through the AWARDS BillingBuilder, including coordination of benefits and tracking service authorization and utilization. This panel is geared towards agencies already using BillingBuilder as well as those looking for a tool that can help you manage your service delivery, reporting, and billing needs in one place.

Good & Cheap: Gathering Your Ingredients for Success

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While studying food policy as a master’s candidate at NYU, Leanne Brown, author of GOOD & CHEAP (Workman July), asked a simple yet critical question: How well can a person eat on the $4 a day given by SNAP, the U.S. government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program aka Food Stamps? The answer is – with the right tools – surprisingly well. This session will give you a glimpse into Brown’s philosophy and her findings on recipe tricks and food shopping tips helpful to anyone trying to maximize their budget.

Highlights: Calendar & ReportBuilders

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Calendar and ReportBuilders received large enhancements in early 2015. Learn how to utilize these cutting edge new features to maximize your agencies efficency with scheduling and reporting.

Extended Interactive Sessions

Solving the Puzzle Together – How to build an effective Help Desk

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Zero-in on how to piece together a complete help desk ticket. Learn how the clues you send to the Foothold help desk fit in with the big picture. Sort through Online Help to find what you need to solve the issue on your own!

Putting the Pieces Together – How Should Trainers Train?

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At Foothold Technology, we promote a Train-the-Trainer model – encouraging agencies to utilize staff to teach their colleagues how to use AWARDS. In this session, we will explore strategies to help your trainers fill in the missing pieces in order to effectively pass on what they know.
We will discuss what you should consider when choosing your training team, and review best practices for passing on the information about using AWARDS at your agency. Our discussion will include information about creating a training plan, producing your own customized instruction documents and films, how to access Foothold resources, and more

Finding the Hidden Trends – Use your data Strategically

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AWARDS collects huge amounts of information. Join our interactive session to learn from others about how the data collected in AWARDS can support your agency’s decision-making process. We’ll share tips on how to access the data, analyze it and evaluate the performance of your programs. This session will also show you how to use data to highlight the great work you do and how to share that success with your stakeholders.

Achieving Success in a World of Managed Coordinated Care

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Discussion on achieving recovery in a world of managed coordinated care, HCBS and waiver services. Where we are, where we are going and how can we ensure success through quality care. Examining the requirements and draws on a human service agency in the future and how you can structure your self and create organizational practices to achieve success. Emphasizing, managing with outputs and outcomes and creating a dynamic quality strategic plan for continued relevance and incorporating effective and efficient best practices.

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