Review and Refresh


A sample of the types of topics covered under this category:

  • Group Schedule Setup, Group Notes, Group Activities: Come connect with Foothold Technology and become an AWARDS power user as we discuss three parts of the Services Module: Group Schedule Setup, Group Notes and Group Activities.
  • Introduction to the AWARDS BillingBuilder: The AWARDS billing module is by far the most cost-effective electronic billing tool on the market. Is your agency using it yet? Why not?
  • FormBuilder, Charting Timetable and Incidents
  • Contacts Log
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Service Plans and Progress Notes
  • Reception Desk
  • Permissions, Intake Cloning
  • Entitlements
  • Calendar:  Explore the powerful intra-agency scheduling features of the Calendar module in AWARDS.
  • Dashboard: Learn how to generate informative at-a-glance reports with the Dashboard.
  • Merging Clients, Client Transfers
  • DataBridge
  • Work Orders & Leases
  • Tips & Tricks


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