Program/Role Specific

Topics for every segment of the Foothold Community.

A sample of the types of groups and topics we address:

  • Team Leaders: This group is for the AWARDS Team leaders at each agency. Don’t have an AWARDS Team? Come learn how to set one up and why it’s the most important thing you’ll ever do for your agency.
  • Implementation & Main Team Members & Help Desk & HR: This group is for the AWARDS Team members and their leaders. We will discuss best practices in running your team meetings, communicating with your SPM and Foothold, keeping your implementation alive, keeping track of regulatory changes, etc.
  • Group Activities & Group Schedule Setup: Do you run groups? Do you manage people who run groups? This group is for you.
  • Exec Reporting, Internal Auditing, Supervision: The gold ring: This is why you bought AWARDS in the first place. Make sure you know how to get all the data you need out of AWARDS. For executives and QA staff.
  • HMIS, HEARTH, HPRP: A regular update on the Life and Times of HUD Regulations and how they affect you.
  • Program Directors: Homeless: For people who run, or work in, homeless programs — NOT HMIS focused.
  • Program Directors: PWDD: For people who run or work in Developmental Disability programs.
  • Program Directors: Mental Health: A general overview of regulatory changes and AWARDS changes that affect this large field of social services.
  • Program Directors: New York State OASAS Functionality: For agencies in New York State with programs that report to the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. If you are interested in learning more about the New York State OASAS data entry and reporting features available in AWARDS, please join us for one of our upcoming OASAS Demonstrations. OASAS functionality in AWARDS is available to you at no extra cost, so please come see how AWARDS can help with all of your OASAS reporting needs!
  • Program Directors: Clubhouses: For people who run or work in Clubhouses
  • Program Directors: Substance Abuse: For people who run or work in Substance Abuse programs.
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