New Features and Functions

Fresh from our developers to your database. Learn how to start using our innovative new features and products today! Following are a sample of topics we offer.

  • ResourceTracker: Come learn about this customizable tracking tool in AWARDS.
  • Services ReportBuilder: Learn how you can use this tool to combine service and demographic data.
  • E-prescribing: As part of our Meaningful Use/HiTECH enhancements, you can submit and track prescriptions electronically in AWARDS. Find out how this can impact your delivery of clinical services at this demonstration.
  • Family/Household: Learn about the functionality in AWARDS related to tracking and reporting on household members.
  • Employment: An overview of the workforce development and employment functionality in AWARDS.
  • Messages: An introduction to our robust messaging functionality.
  • ReportBuilders: The Builders are proliferating throughout AWARDS. Come see where the most recent ones are located and how they work.
  • Managing Providers: A powerful tool to track various providers.
  • User Corrections: A powerful tool that allows users with permission to change program history data such as admission and discharge dates, and residence history.
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