AWARDS Certification

Become a super user.

Foothold Technology is proud to work with hundreds of agencies and thousands of users across the country. Many of our software’s users become interested in developing a deeper understanding of the program they use, as well as Foothold’s operations behind the scenes. We created a robust training program, called AWARDS Certification, to foster and recognize the skills of our clients as they become expert-level users.

The AWARDS Certification is a credential earned through completing a rigorous, three-level training program and a set of exams. This offers participants the opportunity to become immersed in understanding AWARDS and subsequently aid their employers and coworkers in making full use of the software’s potential. Agencies can develop the knowledge base of their staff and create in-house specialists with invaluable expertise regarding implementation, training new staff, handling Help Desk requests most efficiently, and addressing their specific needs within AWARDS. The certification process offers passionate users increased professional development opportunities while simultaneously bolstering agencies’ operations more broadly.

The Curriculum

The certification curriculum consists of three levels of training, after a free qualifying assessment: basic certification, intermediate certification, and master certification. Each level contains a dynamic mix of instructional lectures, case studies, and practice exercises to provide an interactive learning experience based in real-world scenarios. In this program, trainees learn from instructors in addition to sharing best practices and building supportive connections with each other.

With their credentials, certified users receive a badge to add to their email signature, publicly designating them AWARDS experts. Additionally, each certification graduate gets a complimentary ticket to our annual User’s Conference for two years, which provides further opportunities for learning from Foothold staff and meeting other users.

Certification Schedule

Basic Courses are offered each fall, Intermediate Courses in the winter, and Master Courses in the spring. Registration and access to the Qualifying Exam occur in the summer.

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For a current schedule of courses or any other questions about the AWARDS Certification program, please contact our Training department at [email protected].

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