AWARDS Certification

Become a super user.

AWARDS Certification is our advanced training program, designed for customers that want to become expert-level users. Certified users will be empowered to make full use of the software’s potential. Through our program, agencies can develop in-house expertise on implementation, training new staff, handling internal Help Desk requests, and configuring the software to program needs.

The Certification program offers passionate users a professional development opportunity that will help them throughout their careers, while improving agency operations. Our program includes a mixture of live (online) presentations and self-paced training.


Certification Tracks

Our Certification Tracks enable you to advance your knowledge in some of the most commonly used AWARDS features, depending on your interests and your agency’s needs.

System Administrator Track

Learn the ins and outs of system administration in AWARDS. 

Topics include:

  • Calendar
  • Incidents
  • Human Resource Functions
  • Permissions
  • Executive Configuration
  • Models of Service
  • Operations Module

Program Administrator Track

Become an expert in all features relating to program administration. 

Topics include:

  • Intake/Admission
  • Services Module
  • Plans & Reviews
  • Employment
  • Reports

Specialized Tracks

Our specialized tracks are designed for users looking to specialize in specific AWARDS functionality.


Help Desk & Problem Solving Certification

Learn techniques for investigating problems and creating/maintaining effective internal Help Desk teams. 


Training Certification

An interactive discussion about the Train-the-Trainer approach, with a focus on training preparation, engaging trainees, managing resistance, and offering continued support. 


BillingBuilder Certification

Learn everything you need to know about BillingBuilder, including: how to set up payers, billing types and procedures, how to create invoice batches and claims, and reporting features. 


Builder Certification

Expand your knowledge on the powerful “Builder” features in AWARDS, including FormBuilder, ExportBuilder, ReportBuilder, ListBuilder, and PlanBuilder. 


DD Services

Dive into the most frequently used features for I/DD services, such as Daily Checklist, Nightly Absences, Ratio Billing, Transportation, and Program Log Book. 


HMIS Certification

This certification focuses on how HUD funded projects can utilize AWARDS to streamline services and meet the stringent demands of HUD reporting requirements. We’ll touch on everything from the LSA to the PIT to the System Performance Measures, as well as how to upload data properly.

Certification Schedule

For a current schedule of courses or to learn more about any of the tracks, please reach out to our Training team at: [email protected].

Get started on becoming a certified AWARDS expert.