Think outside the box.

We offer a wide variety of add-on features and services to meet your needs and push the boundaries of what you can do with the software.


Add-On Features

Through partnerships with industry-leading software companies, we offer add-on tools that are fully integrated with AWARDS.


Our integration brings full E-MAR functionality directly to your client records. Staff can securely access clients’ MARs from any location, at any time. Manage medication administration & history, vitals, tasks, calendar events, alerts, and more. With customizable alerts and color-coded events, make it easy for your staff to know when tasks are due and stay on track with medication administration. Ensure successful audits with up-to-date MARs and a reduction in medication errors.



Send lab orders electronically to hundreds of labs across the country — including LabCorp, Quest, and more. Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your lab order process. Integrate lab results within your EHR to allow for easy tracking of results.


Send prescriptions securely and quickly to your clients’ pharmacies. Reduce prescription fill errors and comply with state regulations by transitioning to a fully electronic process. Our certified E-Prescribing module is complete with electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS), to enhance the safety and security of prescribing.


InSights Analytics

With InSights Analytics, you can aggregate data from across your agency to create interactive data visualizations and dashboards. With easy-to-use filtering features, drill down to find the data you need to make data-driven decisions. Our growing dashboard library includes reports for billing, client demographics, hospitalizations, referrals, and more. For even more advanced analytics, our experts will work with you to create custom dashboards that track the metrics your agency wants to understand.


Manage everything related to your agency’s billing within a configurable electronic billing system. Our integrated EHR billing feature allows you to tie service documentation directly to your claims, creating more efficient and accurate billing. Send claims, receive response files, check for insurance eligibility, and manage your revenue all within BillingBuilder. Our billing module is fully integrated with reporting, allowing you to run billing custom billing reports instantly.


Change Healthcare Clearinghouse

To improve the efficiency of your billing, our Change Healthcare Clearinghouse integration checks for errors in your claims before submission. With direct connections to over 2,100 payers, ensure that your claims are transmitted securely and quickly to any of your payers. Enhance your claims acceptance rate and improve your agency’s revenue cycle.

IMO Diagnostic Coding & Vocabulary

Translate plain language diagnosis and procedures to their accurate codes. Maintain a clean, organized EHR database while still allowing your clinicians to use medical language that is familiar to them. Improve your claims efficiency and audit accuracy by translating procedures to the correct codes across medical, behavioral health, and mental health functions.



Connect electronic visit verification directly to your client records, bringing Electronic Visit Verification seamlessly into your staff’s current workflow. Our easy-to-use EVV integration allows you to collect the right data at the place of service. Gather compliant data to send to your state’s aggregator.

Add-On Services

Our add-on services help customers get the best out of their AWARDS system and their partnership with us.

Admin Services

Make sure your AWARDS implementation is up-to-date and perfectly configured for your agency. We’ll work with you to evaluate your system and create a custom plan for improvement. Admin services can include building new forms, adjusting your workflows, cleaning up your data, retraining your administrators, and developing agency-specific training materials.


Premium Services

Gain access to a suite of personalized executive consulting designed to support your agency at a higher level. Receive tailored consulting on any industry issue you deem important, discuss the latest policies with our senior advisors, and receive customized executive training. We’ll work with you to think strategically about your agency and make sure your organization is set up for a successful future.

Make an Impact

Each year we recognize those agencies that have made a remarkable impact on their communities through their innovative use of the software.

Become an Expert

Certification is a rigorous training program designed to turn users into true experts, and help the agency realize the full benefits of the software.