Service Planning

Celebrate the progress of the individuals you serve.

Our software includes the tools you need to document and track your services efficiently and accurately. Service planning is made simple, with multiple templates and options for configuration. The service planning functionality in our software allows you to create, manage, and monitor service plans across your organization.

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Create person-centered service plans that allow you to track and report on an individual’s progress.

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Build custom service plans that track data in the format your program prefers.

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Use the automatic scheduler to streamline your service planning workflow.

“Service delivery has improved exponentially because we have better information concerning the treatment of our customers . . . it’s probably the best process change we've ever made here, and I highly recommend it.”
Robert Davison
Robert Davison
Executive Director,
MHA of Essex and Morris Counties

Service Planning Features

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Service Plan Templates

Our software includes multiple templates for your configuration and use. Plans can include either a single goal or multiple goals, along with short-term objectives and interventions.

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The PlanBuilder tool allows you to build custom service plans, adding any custom fields you need. Measure goals, objectives, and interventions using the rating scale provided, or completely customize your own scale.

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Electronic Signatures

Plans can be electronically signed and signature requirements are completely configurable. Comments can also be added if someone needs to leave a note along with their signature.

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Automatic Scheduler

Streamline the workflow of your service planning by using the automatic scheduler. Notifications alert staff when a service plan is approaching its due date. Supervisors can also create reports of upcoming or overdue plans, ensuring that each client has an up-to-date treatment plan.

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How An Agency Coordinates Service Planning Across 20 Programs

Founded: 1991

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Unique People Services was using paper to track and plan all of their services — making it hard to stay organized. Our software changed the way they provide supervision and oversight.

Our nimble service planning features help improve the effectiveness of the hard work you do.