Health comes first.

Access a centralized place for all of your clients’ medical information. Our powerful medical module helps you track full medical histories, organize lab results, manage medication administration, and more. Ensure safe storage of your clients’ medical info, along with secure delivery of lab orders and prescriptions.

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Find all of your clients’ medical information in one place, accessible from wherever your staff is working.

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Manage your agency’s medication administration and automate the scheduling of crucial medical tasks.

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Ensure the security of client medical history, ePHI, and HIV/AIDS status with configurable staff permissions and world-class security.

“Foothold has provided the necessary platform for the agency to respond to the ever-changing needs and challenges of the future.”
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Elizabeth Kadatz
LCSW, Director of Operations,
Rehabilitation Support Services

Medical Features

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Medical Information

Maintain up-to-date information on your clients’ medical needs, such as allergies, dietary needs, immunization records, diagnoses, and more. All of this data can be easily reported on through our custom reporting functionality.

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Providers and Appointments

Record your clients’ provider appointments and receive reminders when the appointment is approaching. Maintain a database of provider contact information and any other notes.

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Medication Administration

Manage medication administration with an electronic MAR. Track the medications given, time administered, staff members administering, and electronic signatures. Our E-MAR add-on helps you auto-schedule medical tasks, such as medications and vitals readings.

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E-Labs & E-Prescribing

Our electronic prescribing and lab order integrations allow you to securely connect to pharmacies and labs involved in your clients’ care, while integrating the data back into your software.

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How a Behavioral Health Agency Streamlined Their Workflows

Founded: 1976

Clients Served: Over 1,200 Annually

When Camelot Counseling switched to an electronic record, they asked their staff for feedback on their agency’s processes. Through staff feedback and top-level support, they were able to standardize workflows and phase out paper charts.

Our powerful, secure medical features support you in coordinating the medical needs of the community you serve.