Intake and Admission

Stay organized: from intake to follow-up.

Admitting a new individual into your agency is the first place you’ll experience the sophistication of our software. Whether your intake processes are simple or complex, you’ll find the tools, options, forms, and assessments you need to organize your information and connect individuals to the appropriate programs and resources.

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Process intakes and admissions, create and modify referral records, and monitor referral activity.

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Configure each program’s intake and admission process to comply with specific funder reporting requirements.

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Create any type of form or assessment your program needs for your intake process.

“The more you learn about [the software], the more you will find what it can do for your agency. There is plenty of untapped potential in tracking even more of your programs.”
Ed Carpenter
Ed Carpenter
IT Manager/Operations,
Mended Reeds Services

Intake and Admission Features

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Single or Multi-Step Intakes

Some intake processes include multiple steps between an applicant’s screening and admission, while other programs simply require the completion of an intake form. Our software is set up to accommodate whatever steps you need.

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Because most agencies typically report to multiple funders, you can configure each program’s intake and admission process to comply with various funders’ reporting requirements. Use our form-building tool to create any type of form or assessment that meets your organization’s needs.

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Quickly and easily build forms and assessments: including intake screenings, substance use disorder and functional assessments, psychiatric rehabilitation assessments, vocational assessments, clinical assessments for behavioral and medical health, financial assessments, and more.

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Waiting List

Place individuals on a customized waiting list if they meet a set of agency-specified criteria. From the waiting list, individuals can be admitted into programs. View reports to show who is on a waiting list, and to which programs they are waiting to be admitted.

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How an HMIS Was Implemented for 1,000 Programs in Record Time

Founded: 2004

Clients Served: Over 1,300 Annually

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency needed a partner that could help implement an HMIS software in over 1000 programs across the state. Our dedicated team worked with NJHMFA to implement and configure their HMIS database within only a couple months.

With configurable intake and admission features, create a smooth intake process from start to finish.