Work towards their goals.

Helping the people you serve find meaningful employment is becoming an increasingly important priority for agencies. Our employment module offers tracking for practically any element of employment: including job placements, employers, training, and salaries. Document your employment-related services with configurable progress notes and run reports on your program’s employment data.

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Track the details of everything related to employment, with configurable fields to capture the data you want.

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Link any employment-related documentation directly to service plans with employment progress notes.

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Improve the employment experience of the people you serve, through actionable reporting and analytics.

“We know documenting services and supports provided is critical to ANCOR members, and Foothold has used its decades of experience working in the human services sector to develop a software with providers’ needs in mind.”
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Barbara Merrill

Employment Features

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Track Employers & Jobs

Track detailed info on everything related to employment, including employers, job placements, interview records, and positions. Report on any of this data with our pre-built report templates and custom reporting features.

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Progress Notes

Document any employment-related interactions through individual and group progress notes. Link these notes directly with your service plans for accurate documentation.

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Training and Education

Track any schools, training requirements, test scores, or enrollments that may be required for the individuals you serve to obtain employment.

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InSights Analytics

With pre-built employment dashboards and custom data visualizations, analyze the employment data in your database and improve the employment experience for the people you serve.

unique people services

How An Agency Coordinates
Service Plans Across 20 Programs

Founded: 1991

Clients Served: Over 500 Annually

Unique People Services was planning all their services on paper. Staff were meeting with clients in the field and traveling back to the office to write their service plans. By transitioning to our software, they streamlined their entire documentation and quality assurance process.

We’ve used our experience in human services to build features that help agencies track all aspects of employment.